True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits

True Triple Katana

The True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits stands out as a mythical sword, a more powerful variant of the Triple Katana. Composed of the Legendary Swords: Saddi, Shisui, and Wando, the True Triple Katana is a coveted item for many players.

Name Type Rarity Price Source
True Triple Katana Sword Mythical 2,000,000$ Mysterious Man

How to Get the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits? Location & Cost

Step 1: Acquire the Three Legendary Swords

To craft the True Triple Katana, you must first obtain the three Legendary Swords: Saddi, Shisui, and Wando. These swords can be purchased from the Legendary Sword Dealer in the Second Sea. Each sword costs 2 million Beli, and you can only buy one sword at a time. The process of acquiring these swords involves a combination of luck and persistence.




Finding the Legendary Sword Dealer

The Legendary Sword Dealer spawns at specific intervals, which can be checked by talking to the Manager in the Cafe. The Manager will provide different dialogues indicating the time left before the dealer spawns. The spawn time is related to how old the server is. If the server is 12 hours old, the dealer will spawn in about three more hours.

Here are the dialogues and their meanings:

  • “It’s too early for you to be here” – Wait 10 minutes for the next update.
  • “Are you new to this island?” – Complete the Coliseum Quest.
  • “Three more hours” – Wait three more hours.
  • “One hour and 15 minutes” – Wait one hour and 15 minutes.
  • “15 minutes” – You have 15 minutes to find him before he despawns.
  • “He’s gone” – The dealer has despawned; switch servers.

Finding the Legendary Sword Dealer

Dealer Spawn Locations

The dealer can spawn in multiple locations in the Second Sea. Here are the potential spawn points:

  1. Northeast Arch of the Coliseum in the Kingdom of Rose.
  2. Hidden Tunnel in the Kingdom of Rose.
  3. Middle of the Green Zone on top of the largest Beanstalk.
  4. Behind the Rock near the Factory in the Kingdom of Rose.
  5. Top of the largest Hill in the Graveyard Island.
  6. Inside the Central House on Forgotten Island.

Second Sea Map_Min

Step 2: Reach 300 Mastery on Each Sword

After obtaining Saddi, Shisui, and Wando, you need to reach 300 Mastery on each sword. Here are some tips to efficiently grind Mastery:

  • Server Hopping: Fight bosses like the Awakened Ice Admiral (Second Sea) or Longma, K-Queen, Island Empress, and Captain Elephant (Third Sea) by server hopping.
  • Normal Grinding: Continue grinding normal levels and enemies. Ensure your stat points are maximized in the sword stats for faster Mastery gain.

Step 3: Purchase the True Triple Katana

Once you have all three swords and have achieved 300 Mastery on each, head to the Green Zone. Climb the largest Beanstalk in the center of the island to find the Mysterious Man NPC. If you have completed all the prerequisites, the Mysterious Man will sell you the True Triple Katana for 2 million Beli.

find the Mysterious Man NPC

Total Cost

The total cost for obtaining the True Triple Katana is 8 million Beli, which includes the cost of each Legendary Sword (2 million Beli each) and the True Triple Katana itself (2 million Beli).

Optional: Upgrade the True Triple Katana

For an additional damage boost, visit the Blacksmith and upgrade the True Triple Katana for a 15% damage increase.

Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Set your spawn point to the Kingdom of Rose: This allows for quick access to most of the dealer’s spawn locations.
  • Utilize the server hop button: This speeds up the process compared to manually exiting and joining new servers.
  • Check dealer spawn times with the Manager: Regularly check with the Manager to know when the dealer is likely to spawn.
  • Follow a search pattern: Search the dealer’s spawn locations in a systematic order to maximize efficiency.

How Good is True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits Value & Combo

Move Mastery Skill Name Description Showcase
150 Wolf Fang Rush The user swiftly moves forward, cutting through enemies in their path, briefly stunning them upon impact.
View Skill
350 Dragon Hurricane The user releases a small spinning dragon projectile that inflicts minimal damage as it travels. Upon contacting a surface or after a short duration, it explodes into a powerful blue hurricane. The hurricane hits multiple times, launching enemies upward and dealing significant damage.
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True Triple Katana Showcase & Skills

What is Better Shark Saw or Triple Katana in Blox Fruits?

In the quest for dominance within Blox Fruits, players often weigh the merits of the Shark Saw against the Triple Katana. The Shark Saw boasts unique abilities and is favored for its special moves, but the Triple Katana, especially in its True form, is renowned for its raw power and higher damage per swing. Deciding which is better depends on your play style: if you prefer reach and special moves, Shark Saw may be your weapon of choice, while the Triple Katana is unparalleled for those who prioritize sheer attack strength.

How do I Get TTK V2?

To get your hands on the TTK V2, a version even more potent than the original True Triple Katana, you need to delve deeper into Blox Fruits. It requires not just purchasing the base True Triple Katana but also embarking on a journey to enhance it. The specific steps are shrouded in mystery, aligning with the game’s adventurous spirit, and may involve challenging quests or acquiring rare items. Keep an eye on the game updates for any new paths to this coveted upgrade.

Upgrading the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits

To upgrade the True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits, players must speak to the Blacksmith. It is recommended to refund your stats on a main sword character to facilitate the damage and level the legendary swords.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Dragon Scale x5, Mystic Droplet x20, Leather x50 +15% Damage

Changes and Updates of the True Triple Katana

The True Triple Katana, added in Update 9, is often abbreviated as “TTK”. Despite being an older addition to the game, it remains one of the most powerful swords, although it can be surpassed by newer swords like the Cursed Dual Katana. However, its ability to deal the highest damage per click in the game makes the True Triple Katana a formidable weapon in Blox Fruits.

True Triple Katana Combos

The True Triple Katana (TTK) is not just about power; it’s about finesse. Combining its moves, like the Wolf Fang Rush and Dragon Hurricane, can create devastating combos. These combinations allow for a fluid combat experience, where players can chain attacks, stunning and launching enemies into the air. Perfecting these combos is key to maximizing the TTK’s potential and becoming a formidable opponent in combat.

True Triple Katana vs Cursed Dual Katana

When it comes to choosing between the True Triple Katana and the Cursed Dual Katana, it’s a clash of titans. The Cursed Dual Katana is known for its cursed energy attacks, offering a different combat style. Meanwhile, the True Triple Katana is celebrated for the highest damage output per click. The decision often comes down to player preference and whether they value the TTK’s power or the unique abilities of the Cursed Dual Katana.

Guide on the True Triple Katana: Learning by Yourself

The True Triple Katana in Blox Fruits is a powerful and mythical weapon that offers not only raw power but also an aura of mysticism. While its acquisition may require time, effort, and a considerable stack of coins, its possession is an achievement in itself and a testament to the player’s commitment to the game. For those seeking to expand their arsenal with the most legendary weapon, the True Triple Katana is a choice not to be overlooked.