Shisui in Blox Fruits



The Shisui, recognized as one of the three Legendary Swords in Blox Fruits, is distinguished for being infused with a ghost. Its mysterious aura and destructive potential make it an ideal choice for players looking to showcase their combat prowess.

Name Type Rarity Price Source
Shisui Sword Legendary 2,000,000$ Legendary Sword Dealer

How Good is Shisui Sword in Blox Fruits Combo, Skills & Value

True Quiet Rush
Mastery 150
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Description The player quickly dashes in the direction of the cursor, dealing damage to enemies in its path. Purple energy bursts from the player after the movement, slightly stunning enemies hit.
Focus Shot
Mastery 300
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Description The player shoots an incredibly fast purple projectile, leaving behind a trail of purple energy while moving in the direction of the cursor. Upon impact, it causes a slight stun and pushback to the target.

Shisui Sword Showcase

How to Get the Shisui Sword in Blox Fruits? Cost & Location

To obtain the Shisui Sword in Blox Fruits, players must interact with the Legendary Sword Dealer, who has a 33.3% chance of selling this sword at a cost of 2,000,000 coins. This NPC appears for 15 minutes at random locations in the Second Sea every 3 hours. You can check its status by interacting with the Manager at The Café.

Is Shisui Good in Blox Fruits?

The Shisui Sword’s reputation as a powerful combat tool in Blox Fruits often leads players to question its overall effectiveness. Equipped with abilities like “True Quiet Rush” and “Focus Shot,” the Shisui Sword offers a combination of rapid strikes, energy bursts, and projectile attacks. These features enable players to execute quick, targeted attacks, making it a formidable weapon against foes.

Moreover, the Shisui Sword is not only about raw power; it’s also about strategic advantage. Its impressive range and fast, low-end lag moves make it a preferred choice for executing combos and dealing significant damage. However, players should be aware of its limitations, such as limited hitboxes and its inability to break through certain defensive abilities.

Upgrading the Shisui Sword in Blox

To upgrade the Shisui Sword and unleash its full potential on the battlefield, players need to visit the Blacksmith. Through upgrades, the Shisui can become even more lethal and effective in combat situations, taking the Blox Fruits gaming experience to a higher level.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Mystic Droplet 8, Leather 10 +10% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Shisui Sword in Blox Fruits

Impressive range Limited hitboxes
Fast and low endlag moves Does not break Instinct
Great potential for combos
Inflicts significant damage
Both moves can hit multiple targets

Changes and Updates of the Sword

The Shisui Sword was introduced in Blox Fruits in Update 8, and since then, it has been a vital component of the game. To obtain the coveted True Triple Katana, one of the most sought-after weapons in Blox Fruits, players need to possess the Shisui Sword, along with the Wando and Saddi swords. Many players have noted that the Shisui is very similar to the Canvander sword. Additionally, there is an ongoing debate on whether the Shisui or the Rengoku sword is the best sword in the Second Sea.

Shisui Vs Rengoku

Choosing between Shisui and Rengoku in Blox Fruits boils down to personal playstyle and combat preferences. Here’s a brief comparison:

Shisui Sword

  • Mystical Aura: Infused with a ghost, adding a mysterious element.
  • Abilities: Offers abilities like “True Quiet Rush” and “Focus Shot” for quick, impactful attacks.
  • Advantages: Known for its impressive range and speed, making it ideal for hit-and-run tactics and combo attacks.
  • Ideal Players: Best for those who value precision, speed, and strategic combat maneuvers.

Rengoku Sword

  • Features and Abilities: [Rengoku’s specific attributes would be listed here.]
  • Advantages: [Advantages of Rengoku over Shisui, focusing on its combat style and damage output, would be highlighted here.]
  • Ideal Players: [Ideal for players with a certain combat style, which could be more direct or power-focused, compared to Shisui.]

Key Considerations

  • Combat Style: Shisui is great for agile, strategic play, while Rengoku might cater to more direct and power-oriented combat.
  • Scenario Suitability: Each sword could excel in different scenarios like PvP or boss battles, depending on their abilities.
  • Player Adaptation: Effectiveness may also depend on the player’s skill level and their mastery of the sword’s abilities.

Is There Shisui V2?

A common query among avid players is whether there exists an enhanced version of the Shisui Sword, often referred to as Shisui V2. As of the current game updates, Blox Fruits has not introduced a variant named Shisui V2. The Shisui remains a singular, powerful entity in its own right, offering players a blend of mystical lore and combat prowess. While upgrades and enhancements are available for the Shisui Sword, they do not transform it into a different version but rather optimize its existing capabilities.

Guide on the Shisui Sword: Learning by Yourself

The Shisui sword in Blox Fruits is more than just an ordinary weapon; it is an instrument of power and mystery. Its intriguing lore and combat prowess make it an essential piece of equipment for any player. Whether you’re on the quest for the three Legendary Swords or simply seeking a sword capable of handling any challenge, the Shisui is a choice you can’t go wrong with. With the Shisui sword in your arsenal, victory is always within reach.