Koko in Blox Fruits



Within the diverse universe of Blox Fruits, there are weapons that stand out and become legends in their own right. One of these is the Koko, a large-sized katana with a handle made of white skin. It earned the classification of “legendary,” and this article will detail the multiple features that make the Koko an essential item for any Blox Fruits player.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Cutlass Sword Legendary Order 10%​

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Koko Sword

Movement Key Mastery Description Showcase
Electric Stab 150 The user charges forward, performing a powerful stabbing attack that deals damage and electric shock to the opponent. This movement has the ability to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. It has a cooldown time of approximately 10 seconds and features a striking visual effect of lightning. The attack has a wide range, making it easy to connect with the target.
Injection Shot 325 Upon activation, a spinning target appears in front of the user. Upon releasing the key, a small but fast projectile is fired from the sword. The projectile has an electric effect and deals significant damage along with moderate knockback. Injection Shot has the ability to hit multiple enemies within a certain range. The hitbox is determined by the cursor’s position. The movement has a cooldown period of approximately 14-15 seconds.

How to Obtain the Koko Sword in Blox Fruits?

The Koko Sword is not easy to obtain, but the reward is worth it. The raid boss, Order, can drop this sword with a 10% drop chance after being defeated. This challenge tests the player’s skill and offers the opportunity to obtain a legendary sword.

Upgrading the Koko Sword in Blox Fruits

Grade Materials Effects
1 Vampire Fang 10, Scrap Metal 15 +15% Damage

Guide on Koko Sword: Learning by Yourself

The Koko Sword was added to the game in Update 10, and since then, it has left a lasting impression. Although it is called a katana, the sword itself is an odachi. Its movements are almost similar to those of Shisui and Saber V2. Additionally, Control is the second fruit that powers a weapon (Koko), with Buddha being the first, which powers all weapons. As an additional detail, the Koko Sword has special aura effects around its blade.