Saber Legendary in Blox Fruits



The Saber sword in Blox Fruits is more than just a weapon. It is a legendary sword that carries many lives and responsibilities, reminding us that it was once wielded by a master in its use. This saber, with its rich history and potential for power, has been an essential component in the Blox Fruits gameplay experience since its addition in the first update.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Saber Sword Legendary Saber Expert 100%

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Saber Sword

Ability Key Mastery Showcase Description
Deadly Rush 50 The user gathers energy and then swiftly lunges forward, damaging everything in their path.
Triple Slash 125 The user unleashes three air slashes in the direction of their cursor. These slashes pierce through enemies and deal damage along their path.

Moveset of the Saber Sword V2

Ability Key Mastery Showcase Description
Deadly Rush 50 This move combines the effects of the Z and X from the V1 version. It creates a powerful synergy where both moves intersect, resulting in a devastating attack that deals incredibly high damage to the enemy.
Triple Slash 125 The user releases a dragon-like projectile in the direction of their cursor, dealing higher damage compared to its V1 counterpart.

How to Obtain the Saber Sword in Blox Fruits?

The path to acquiring the Saber in Blox Fruits is challenging but highly rewarding. In its V1 version, the Saber sword has a 100% chance of being obtained by completing the Saber Expert puzzle. But it doesn’t stop there, the Saber can be upgraded to the V2 version, which is significantly more powerful than its predecessor.
For the V2 version, you need to earn one million Bounty/Honor and defeat another player of similar level who also has one million or more Bounty/Honor. It’s important to note that there are no level or mastery requirements for this process.

Upgrading the Saber Sword in Blox Fruits

The Saber sword in Blox Fruits is a powerful weapon, both in terms of its raw power and its symbolism in the game. Whether you’re looking to acquire it or already have it in your inventory, understanding its history, how to obtain it, and how to use it effectively can lead you to dominate the battlefield in Blox Fruits. The Saber sword is not just a weapon, it’s an integral part of the Blox Fruits experience.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Radioactive Material 5 Scrap Metal 10 Magma Ore 10 +15% Damage

Changes and Updates to the Saber Sword

The Saber is an exceptionally versatile tool in combat. Its moves look different in the V1 and V2 versions, although the weapon’s appearance and the names of the moves remain the same. The V2 Saber has one of the highest damages among all sword moves in the game, reaching over 6600 damage in max sword stats on players and over 8750 damage when upgraded with accessories that increase sword damage.

Guide to the Saber Sword: Learning on Your Own

The Saber is one of the best swords for grinding in the game, as its primary attack (LMB) deals high damage with little to no recoil and has a low cooldown. Additionally, if used at the perfect distance, the V2 version’s ‘Deadly Rush’ move can inflict tremendous damage. However, the Saber doesn’t have any moves that break Instinct, so it’s recommended to have another equipped weapon that can easily break Instinct.