Buddy Sword in Blox Fruits

Buddy Sword

Buddy Sword

The Buddy Sword, a legendary sword created by a soul infused into a blade, is a fascinating weapon choice in the world of Blox Fruits. This article sheds light on its unique features, how to obtain it, and its role in the game.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Cutlass Sword Legendary Cake Queen 5%

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Buddy Sword

Movement Mastery Showcase Description
Z-Key Heat Slash 150 The user performs a powerful sword slash wrapped in flames, launching it towards the cursor’s direction. Upon impact, the target is engulfed in a burning sphere that rapidly deals damage, subsequently exploding and pushing them backward while burning and causing damage over time.
X-Key Electric Wave 300 The user releases a high-speed purple lightning bolt towards the cursor’s direction, dealing damage and pushing enemies in its path. The effectiveness of the attack increases as the target moves away from the user. This attack also interrupts the opponent’s Instinct ability.

How to Obtain the Buddy Sword in Blox Fruits?

For players seeking to acquire the Buddy Sword, the task is as exciting as it is challenging. The sword can be obtained with a 5% drop chance after defeating the Cake Queen, who is located on the second island in the Sea of Treats in the Third Sea, commonly known as Ice Cream Land. This method of acquisition highlights the level of effort and commitment required to obtain this legendary sword.

Upgrading the Buddy Sword in Blox Fruits

Like all swords in Blox Fruits, the Buddy Sword is upgraded through the Blacksmith. By investing in upgrades, the Buddy Sword can become an even more powerful and formidable sword in the player’s arsenal.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Conjured Cocoa x8, Mystic Droplet x5, Leather x25 +10% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Buddy Sword in Blox Fruits

Fast click speed in close-quarters attacks Not ideal for farming due to excessive knockback
Very swift movements, hard to dodge Lacks mobility abilities
Ideal for grinding without requiring an M1 attack [Z] Heat Slash: Limited to single-target
Excellent combo potential [X] Lightning Wave: Small hitbox, hard to hit and requires precision
High damage output [X] Lightning Wave: Delay in activation and cooldown, can result in wasted usage if switching weapons
[Z] Heat Slash: Decent range and temporary stun
[Z] Heat Slash: High damage output
[Z] Heat Slash: Inflicts persistent burn damage, depleting opponent’s dodges
[Z] Heat Slash: Adequate hitbox
[X] Lightning Wave: Allows passive healing during activation
[X] Lightning Wave: Impressive long-distance reach

Changes and Updates of the Buddy Sword

The Buddy Sword was added in update 17 (Part 1) of Blox Fruits, highlighting its recent introduction to the game. As a sword that carries the power of the weather, the Buddy Sword possesses a truly legendary character and power.

Guide to the Buddy Sword: Learning by Yourself

The Buddy Sword in Blox Fruits is more than just a weapon. Its unique design, the challenging process to obtain it, and the powerful aura it imparts to the player make it a truly outstanding sword choice. Players who choose to wield the Buddy Sword will find that it not only enhances their combat capabilities but also enriches their overall gaming experience. In the end, owning the Buddy Sword in Blox Fruits is a testament to skill and dedication, and a display of true mastery of the game.