Longsword in Blox Fruits



The universe of Blox Fruits is characterized by its diversity, and the Longsword is a testament to that. A sword with both aesthetic and strategic value, the Longsword has gained the favor of many players. This article will thoroughly explore the Longsword, from its features and how to obtain it, to its unique details that set it apart in the game.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Longsword Sword Rare Diamond (Boss) 10%

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Longsword

Movements Key Description Mastery
Annihilate The user performs rapid circular cuts, stunning and damaging nearby enemies. 100
Glorious Smash The user teleports a short distance towards the cursor, leaving a white trail. Upon teleporting, they forcefully strike the sword into the ground, generating a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and launches them into the air. 200

How to Obtain the Longsword in Blox Fruits?

Obtaining the Longsword in Blox Fruits requires skill and patience. With a drop chance of 10%, players can obtain it by defeating Diamond, located on a hill covered in sunflowers with a gigantic tree in the Kingdom of Rose, in the Second Sea. This challenge adds an extra level of excitement and reward to the game.

Upgrading the Longsword in Blox Fruits

Grade Materials Effects
1 Radioactive Material 10, Scrap Metal 10 +25% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Longsword in Blox Fruits




High combo potential Lower damage compared to other rare swords
Good for farming as all movements have area of effect [Z] Annihilate: Short range
Low mastery requirement [X] Glorious Smash: Short range
[Z] Annihilate: Can break enemy Instinct
[Z] Annihilate: Stuns enemies
[Z] Annihilate: Good knockback
[X] Glorious Smash: Can be used for traveling and as a short-range Flash Step

Guide on Longsword: Learning by Yourself

The Longsword was added to Blox Fruits in Update 8, expanding the already extensive arsenal of swords in the game. Since then, it has proven its worth both in power and aesthetics. The history of this sword in the game and its uniqueness make it an appealing choice for players, both new and veteran.
In conclusion, the Longsword in Blox Fruits is more than just a simple sword. With its unique design, exciting acquisition process, and its place in the game’s lore, the Longsword stands out as an excellent choice for any player. Whether you’re seeking a powerful sword to wield in battle or simply looking to add another gem to your collection, the Longsword in Blox Fruits is a choice that won’t disappoint you.