Saddi in Blox Fruits



The Saddi, one of the three Legendary Swords in Blox Fruits, is a sword infused with gold and known for its ability to turn the tide of any battle. In the game, the Saddi has gained notoriety for its perfect balance between power and elegance, making it an indispensable weapon for any serious Blox Fruits player.

Name Type Rarity Price Source
Saddi Sword Legendary 2,000,000 $ Legendary Sword Dealer

Saddi Sword in Blox Fruits Abilities & Skills

Ability Mastery Key Description Showcase
Swords Dance 150 The user spins while running forward, generating golden sword slashes around them that damage nearby enemies.
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True Air Slash 300 The user releases a large flying golden aerial slash in the direction of their cursor, damaging and pushing back enemies hit by it.
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Saddi Showcase Combo & Tips

How rare is Saddi Blox fruits?

The Saddi sword in Blox Fruits stands out as a legendary item, coveted for its unique blend of power and finesse. Its rarity is a testament to its status in the game, making it a prized possession for players. Unlike common or even rare items in the game, the Saddi’s legendary status means it’s not something you’ll encounter often, making it a sought-after weapon in the Blox Fruits universe.

How to Obtain the Saddi Sword in Blox Fruits? Locate & Dealer

Acquiring the Saddi in Blox Fruits is a challenge in itself, which adds to its prestige and value. The Legendary Sword Dealer has a 33.3% chance of selling this sword, which has a cost of 2,000,000 coins. This NPC appears for 15 minutes at random locations around the Second Sea every 3 hours. To check the status of the Legendary Sword Dealer, players can interact with the Manager at The Café.

Upgrading the Saddi Sword in Blox Fruits

Like all swords in Blox Fruits, the Saddi can be upgraded by talking to the Blacksmith. The upgrading process can enhance the sword’s capabilities, making it even more powerful and effective in combat. This upgrade possibility is another factor that makes the Saddi a preferred choice for many players.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Mystic Droplet 8, Leather 10 +15% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Saddi Sword in Blox Fruits

The Saddi sword was added in Update 8 of Blox Fruits, and since then, it has had a significant impact on the game. An interesting fact is that the Saddi, along with the Shisui and Wando swords, are required to obtain the True Triple Katana, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The [X] True Air Slash move of the Saddi is similar to the X move of the Dark Blade, but golden and rotated.

Good damage Limited range
Wide hitboxes [Z] Swords Dance has limited range and is difficult to hit
Versatile combos
Effective for farming

How to use Saddî Blox fruits?

Mastering the Saddi sword in Blox Fruits is an art. This legendary sword, renowned for its golden slashes and the ability to reshape battle dynamics, offers a range of abilities like the Swords Dance and True Air Slash. These skills, requiring mastery levels of 150 and 300 respectively, allow players to execute powerful moves. The Swords Dance enables a spinning attack with golden slashes, while the True Air Slash sends a massive aerial slash in the cursor’s direction, damaging and repelling enemies. Learning to balance these abilities can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness.

How much does Saddî cost in Blox Fruits?

In the world of Blox Fruits, the Saddi sword is not only rare but also comes with a steep price tag. Priced at 2,000,000 in-game dollars, it’s a significant investment for players. This cost reflects its status as a legendary sword, making it a significant but worthwhile purchase for those looking to elevate their gameplay. The price point is set by the Legendary Sword Dealer, marking it as a high-tier item in the game.

Guide on the Saddi Sword: Learning by Yourself

The Saddi sword in Blox Fruits is more than just a weapon. It is a testament to the power, elegance, and balance that define the game. Through its golden beauty and devastating impact, the Saddi is not just a sword; it is a statement of power and mastery. Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned veteran, the Saddi sword in Blox Fruits is a valuable addition to any arsenal. With its golden power in your hands, you can be confident that any challenge in Blox Fruits is conquerable.