Katana in Blox Fruits



The Katana is a common sword in Blox Fruits that stands out for its effectiveness and affordability. You can acquire it for as little as $1,000, making it an accessible choice for both beginner and experienced players.

Name Type Rarity Price Location
Saber Sword Common $1,000 Sword Dealer

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Katana Sword

Moveset Key Showcase Proficiency Description
Quiet Rush 1 The character swiftly moves forward, attacking enemies in its path, giving the impression of teleportation.
Air Slash 20 The character slashes through the air, releasing a short-range air slash that hits all enemies in its path, forcefully pushing them backward.

How to Obtain the Katana Sword in Blox Fruits

To acquire the Katana sword, you need to visit the Sword Dealers, who are located in both the Pirate Starter Island and Marine Starter Island, both situated in the First Sea. Its low cost makes it an obvious choice for those looking to maximize their combat efficiency without investing a fortune.

Upgrading the Katana Sword in Blox Fruits

Once you have the Katana sword in your possession, you can choose to upgrade it to further enhance its effectiveness in combat. To perform the upgrade, simply talk to the Blacksmith. Despite being a common sword, its potential when upgraded should not be underestimated.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Leather 5 Angel Wings 5 +30% Damage

Changes and Updates for the Katana Sword

In summary, the Katana sword is a weapon choice that should not be overlooked in Blox Fruits. Its affordability, along with its potential for upgrades and rich history, makes the Katana sword a versatile and appealing choice. Whether you’re a new player looking for their first sword or a veteran seeking to add to their collection, the Katana sword offers value and performance in the world of Blox Fruits.

Guide to the Katana Sword: Learning on Your Own

The Katana sword has a rich history in the Blox Fruits universe. It was one of the first swords added to the game in the 1st Update. Originally, the Katana sword costed $5,000, but this price was reduced to $1,000, making it even more accessible for players. Additionally, the slashing animation of this sword was remodeled in Update 17, giving the Katana sword a refreshed look and feel.