Superhuman in Blox Fruits



The Superhuman is not a casual option, as it is technically an advanced fighting style. The Martial Arts Master teaches this style, and the delivery of its techniques takes combat to a completely new dimension. However, it’s essential to note that Superhuman is not the end of the journey, as Godhuman, taught by the Ancient Monk, surpasses it in terms of abilities and power.

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase in Superhuman

The requirements to obtain Superhuman are:

  • 300 mastery on Electric, Dark Step, Water Kung Fu, and Dragon Breath.
  • 3,000,000.
  • Access to the Second Sea.
Key Name Description Mastery Image
Beast Owl Pounce User travels a decent amount of distance in any direction (can move in different directions while using the move), and if it collides with the enemy, it will punch the target 20+ times, dealing a good amount of damage, and knock them back slightly with a strong punch. If the user did not hit an enemy, they will just have traveled a decent distance. This move doesn’t break Instinct. 110
Thunder Clap User charges up an attack (if held down) and summons a tornado (does no damage) and when released or used, user stomps the ground and releases a ring of lightning horizontally with a thunderous boom that deals decent damage to nearby enemies. holding does not make damage greater or knock back farther. Breaks Instinct if hit. 220
Conqueror Gun User dashes forward (can only hit single targets) and knocks the enemy back (great knockback and damage). If it misses, the user travels the distance (can be aimed). Breaks Instinct if aimed at the center of the hitbox. 330

Advantages and Disadvantages of Superhuman Fighting Style

Extremely high combo potential.
Decent damage (the 3rd most damaging fighting style if not counting Death Step with full fire damage).
Great for Raids as you can stun the Boss with Z move for others to hit.
Can be a good travel fighting style.
Great for Raids when combined with Awakened Buddha or non-Awakened Buddha, Ghoul race, and Ghoul Mask due to the MASSIVE life recovery.
All its moves can be combined for excellent damage. Z move and C move are good for escaping when you have low health.
Doesn’t cost Fragments to buy, unlike other v2 fighting styles.
Z and C moves combo with each other. [Z] Beast Owl PounceDecent mobility.
Long stun.
Short cooldown. [X] Thunder ClapBreaks Instinct if hit in the center.
High area damage.
[C] Conqueror GunBreaks Instinct if aimed at the center of the hitbox.
Decent mobility.
Good damage.
Takes a long time to unlock, just like its successor, Godhuman. (Costs 3,000,000, and players have to grind 4 fighting styles to reach 300 mastery).
Not ideal for aerial combat.
Although it’s one of the hardest fighting styles to get, its AOE is obviously inferior since Death Step has a good AOE and great fire damage over time.
It’s more efficient to get Water Kung Fu, Death Step, or Electric Kung Fu to 400 mastery and then get Karate Sharkman, Death Step, or Electric Claw with them, which are better than Superhuman in terms of grinding.
Horrible for grinding as two moves only hit one enemy, and the AOE move has a lot of knockback. (Except for Buddha users because M1 is one of the best in the game).[Z] Beast Owl PounceCan be dodged with Instinct while still using the attack.
Locks the user in place for a while, so they can be easily targeted.
Does not work with Sea Beasts.[X] Thunder ClapSometimes can be dodged with Instinct when not directly close.
Difficult to land.
Incredible start-up delay.
Leaves the user very vulnerable to counterattacks.
Reduced range.
Doesn’t affect players above or below the user.
Does not work with Sea Beasts.
[C] Conqueror GunCan be dodged with Instinct.
Can work on Sea Beasts but needs to be close enough.

Striking with Force: Mastering Superhuman Combos in Blox Fruits

  • Superhuman Z, C, Flash Step, Superhuman X (Paw F or Rumble F or Dark F or Midnight Blade X or any medium-long distance teleport move instead of Flash Step if you have)
  • Superhuman Z, Rengoku X, Rengoku Z, Superhuman C, (Flash Step to enemy) Superhuman X. (if fast enough the player can hit Superhuman C and the player can also not do Rengoku X but you will need ken break so this combo needs the player to be fast).
  • Superhuman Z, Spikey Trident X, Spikey Trident Z, Superhuman C. (if the player is not dead yet use Flash Step jump and use Superhuman X).
  • Superhuman Z, Yama X, Flash Step, Superhuman X, Superhuman C (Max sword Melee and defense build) (Use Buddha & almost one shot.) (Made by NoobtoproAstds.).
  • Superhuman Z , Dark Blade ZX , Superhuman C , Rumble F , Superhuman X

Dough Fruit Combos

  • Dough Combo: Dough awk X, superhuman Z, C, Kabucha X, Dough V, Spikey Trident Z, X, Dough C
  • Dough Combo: Dough awk V, X, Z, C, Superhuman (look up), Z, C (one shot)
  • Dough Combo: Dough awk V, C, X (in the air), Z, superhuman C
  • Dough Combo (full awk): Dough V, X, Superhuman X, Dough C, (look up) Superhuman Z, C. (When they land) Dough Z
  • Dough Combo (UnAWK): Dough X , Kabucha X , Spikey X , Superhuman ZC , V Dough ( Drag them closer ) , Spikey Z (sword stats)

Pole Sword Combos

  • Pole (2nd Form) Z + X + Acidum Rifle Z + X + Superhuman (click two times) Z + C + X ( Gun main combo Should be 1 shot to Level 1700 below)
  • Pole (2nd Form) Z + X + Superhuman Z + C + Flash Step + Superhuman X (Sword main)

Ice Fruit Combos

  • Ice (Unawakened) V + C + Acidum Rifle Z + X + Superhuman Z + Rengoku Z + X + Superhuman C ( This combo is for sword mains and it’s a very strong combo but when launching Rengoku X, there is a short gap, so players can escape with Flash Step)
  • Ice V + Pole (2nd Form) Z + X Acidum Rifle Z + X + Superhuman Z + C + Flash Step + and Superhuman X

Other Combos

  • Light (awakened) X + Pole (2nd Form) Z + Superhuman Z + C + Light (awakened) C + V or Z. The awakened Light C may be missed if not fast enough)
  • Kabucha X, Superhuman C, Spikey Trident X, Spikey Trident Z, Flash Step, Superhuman X (sword main)
  • Ice V + Ice Unawakened C + Ice Unawakened Z + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Ice X (Almost one shot and fruit main)

Superhuman Fighting Style Guide

Furthermore, the Superhuman fighting style requires great skill and accuracy to be used effectively. Players must practice and familiarize themselves with its abilities to fully leverage its potential. Additionally, the [Z] and [C] moves are useful for covering long distances, further enhancing Superhuman’s versatility.
Upon obtaining the Superhuman fighting style, players earn two titles: “Human Weapon” and “The Killer.” These titles are acknowledgments of their combat prowess, which is manifested in their mastery of the Superhuman fighting style.

In summary, the Superhuman fighting style in Blox Fruits is a powerful choice for those seeking to dominate PvP combat. With its high speed, stunning effects, and knockback, it can give players a decisive edge in battle. However, players must be willing to invest time and resources to acquire and master this fighting style. With practice and patience, those who choose the path of the Superhuman can become true human weapons on the battlefield.