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Dark Blade

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Immerse yourself in the mysterious universe of Blox Fruits with the Dark Blade sword. It’s not just a sword but a mythological relic forged from the darkest metals and wielded by the world’s most powerful swordsman. Since its introduction in the first update, the Dark Blade has become a coveted gem, a symbol of power and bravery that can only be acquired through various means, some more challenging than others.

Name Type Rarity Source How To Get
Cutlass Sword Mythical Gamepass Buy from Shop
By Trading
From Gift
Getting the Brazil Cube

How Good is the Dark Blade (Yoru) in Blox Fruits Skills & Value

Movement Mastery Key Showcase Description
Z-Key Thousand Cuts 1  
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The user unleashes an instant flurry of multiple green slashes, dealing great damage, hitting enemies, and stunning them for a brief period of time. This breaks the opponent’s Instinct if the first attack hits. While held: The same movement occurs, but the user runs along with the slashes. This effect only applies after evolving through the “The Son” quest.
X-Key Aerial Dark Slash 50  
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The user unleashes a thin, tall vertical slash of green energy towards their opponent, dealing high damage and providing a slight pushback. This attack doesn’t break the opponent’s Instinct. While held: The same movement occurs, but the slash moves faster and covers a slightly greater distance. This effect also only applies after evolving through the “The Son” quest.

Dark Blade Showcase Combo & Damage

Blox Fruit How Good is Dark Blade

The Dark Blade in Blox Fruits is exceptional for its unique blend of power and versatility. It’s highly prized for its ability to deal substantial damage, offering a range of skills that can stun enemies and break their defenses. Its effectiveness in combat, coupled with its mythic status, makes it one of the most sought-after weapons in the game.

Best Fruit for Yoru in Blox Fruits

The best fruits to pair with Yoru (Dark Blade) in Blox Fruits are those that complement its combat style, enhancing its strengths or covering its weaknesses. Stun fruits like Ice, Dark, and Rumble are excellent choices. They allow for seamless combos and can effectively disable opponents, making them vulnerable to the Dark Blade’s powerful strikes.

How to Get the Dark Blade in Blox Fruits? Trade & Value

Acquiring the Dark Blade in Blox Fruits is an exciting journey that can be achieved in six different ways. For those with resources, it can be purchased for 1200 Robux or $15.00. Additionally, you can be the lucky recipient of the Dark Blade through a gifted or traded Gamepass from another player. The alternative methods, which require skill and bravery, include obtaining the coveted Brazil Cube summoned by rip_indra, defeating an administrator, or the powerful Mihawk. Each path to this mythical sword is a journey filled with excitement, intrigue, and challenge.

Upgrading the Dark Blade in Blox Fruits V2 & V3

The Dark Blade is not only powerful but also visually striking. When the aura is activated, the sword shines with a green aura inside. Additionally, with a skin variation, everything that was once green turns white when the user activates the Aura. This play of lights makes the Dark Blade one of the most impressive swords in Blox Fruits. In Update 17 Part 1, its visual effects were revamped, further enhancing its captivating aesthetic.

Grade Materials Effects
1 DarkFragment 1 Dragon Scale 15 Magma Ore 10 +10% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Dark Blade in Blox Fruits

Pairs well with stun fruits like Ice, Dark, Rumble, etc. The fourth click movement involves a quick dash, which may not be desired.
Offers good combo potential. Ineffective against opponents with the “Chop” ability, as they are immune to sword attacks.
Both abilities can be chained for smooth combos. Obtaining the abilities can be costly.
Requires low mastery level. Has a cost of approximately $15 (USD)/£10/€12 to obtain, unless obtained through premium payment or trade/gift.
The [Z] Thousand Cuts ability can break opponents’ Instinct ability. Limited variety of combos; success depends heavily on reaction time and execution.
Stuns enemies for approximately 0.75 seconds. The [X] Aerial Dark Slash ability does not break opponents’ Instinct ability.
The [X] Aerial Dark Slash ability has long-range reach.

How strong is the Yoru in Blox Fruits?

The Yoru is incredibly strong in Blox Fruits, often considered one of the top-tier weapons in the game. Its strength lies in its ability to execute rapid, high-damage attacks and its potential to be enhanced further through upgrades. Its special abilities are effective in both close and long-range combat, making it a versatile and formidable weapon.

Is There a Way to Get Dark Blade Free in Blox fruits?

Obtaining the Dark Blade for free in Blox Fruits is challenging but not impossible. Players can acquire it through rare in-game events, like winning PvP tournaments or as a gift from another player. However, these opportunities are infrequent, so obtaining the Dark Blade typically requires either a significant in-game investment or a real-world purchase.

Is Dark Blade Rare?

Yes, the Dark Blade is considered a rare item in Blox Fruits. Its rarity stems from its powerful abilities and the limited ways it can be acquired. This exclusivity, along with its mythical status in the game’s lore, contributes to its rarity and desirability among players.

Guide to the Dark Blade: Learning by Yourself

The Dark Blade has the distinction of being the only sword that requires a Game Pass to obtain. But that’s not all; there is a triple variant of this sword, the Triple Dark Blade, used only by a few like Kittgaming, his son Kyrie, and MeEnyu and all the Blox Fruit Mods. This sword can be obtained by winning a PvP tournament organized by the administrators for YouTubers on the Blox Fruits Discord server. Additionally, the Dark Blade has a similar sword, the Dark Dagger, further expanding the familiar dynamic of this iconic arsenal.
In summary, the Dark Blade in Blox Fruits, with its power of “X,” is more than just a weapon: it is a legend, a challenge, and a symbol of achievements in the game. A true treasure for every player venturing into the incredible adventure of Blox Fruits.