Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits

Chop Fruit

In the vast and vibrant universe of Blox Fruits, the Chop Fruit stands out for its uniqueness and effectiveness. This natural Blox fruit offers players an advantage in the game, facilitating defense and providing unique offensive tactics.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Chop Common Natural 30,000$ 100

What does the Chop Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Showcase, Abilities & Attacks

On the other hand, the Chop Fruit’s X ability shares similarities with the X ability of Shark Saw, opening up opportunities for versatile gameplay tactics and strategies. However, players should note that the attacks of the Chop Fruit may look strange with R15 and layered clothing, as the character’s body stretches and does not disconnect.

Name Key


Description Mastery
Tackle Chop The player detaches the upper portion of their torso and throws it forward, dealing damage to enemies impacted by the hit. 1
Dance The user splits their body into two parts, leaving only the torso, to perform a powerful attack that damages and stuns all enemies within a circular radius around the user. 20
Party The user charges at their opponent with a succession of floating punches. The duration of this movement is extended if kept active. 50
Helicopter The user separates their limbs, both arms and legs, and takes flight in the air, similar to the Flight Spin. It is important to note that they do not experience a constant decrease in stamina during this process. 75

How to get the Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Chop Fruit is one of the hidden gems in Blox Fruits, which can be acquired from the Blox Fruit Dealer for 30,000$ or 100 Robux, the currency in the Roblox platform. Obtaining this fruit is an exciting challenge, as it has a 35% chance of being available for purchase and only a 15% chance of appearing in the game.

Is Chop Fruit good in blox fruits?

Complete immunity to sword attacks from all players and non-playable characters, as long as the user is between 105% and 106% of the level of the non-playable character, similarly to elemental effects. Most people have superior fruits, putting you at a disadvantage.
It is a cost-effective and suitable option for an early stage of the game as a temporary elemental ability. A Chop Fruit user can be hurt by someone with a superior fruit.
Provides an advantage against sword users, especially if you are a sword/weapon user using the “Chop” move. It is effective against sword attacks but weak against anything else.
It is useful for facing enemies with main swords, as they naturally cannot harm you. Ice or light abilities in close combat can bypass the sword immunity of Chop.
It is suitable for taking down non-playable characters using swords. Its range is very limited.
It is one of the best abilities for annoying other players. The Chop Fruit’s Z move inflicts little damage.
Allows for decent combos by stunning with the X and C moves. Bosses can still damage Chop Fruit users.
The “Chop” X and C moves inflict decent damage. Sword users can still hurt you by utilizing proper fighting style.
It is effective for both gun and sword users. This fruit is only useful against sword attacks, and there are better options available.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Chop Fruit

Since its introduction in Update 1, the Chop Fruit has been a constant in the lives of many players. This fruit can be permanently stored for trading purposes, adding an additional level of strategic depth to the game. Players can either keep it for personal use when needed or trade it for other valuable resources.

Is Chop Fruit Logia in Blox Fruits?

Chop Fruit is not a Logia Fruit, it is just a Natural Type Fruit. One standout feature of the Chop Fruit is its sword immunity, a defensive ability that has saved many players in critical situations. This makes it an excellent alternative for lower-level players, especially in the First Sea, where most enemies use swords. Although its effectiveness diminishes as players progress and acquire rarer fruits with more powerful abilities, its sword resistance keeps it relevant throughout the game.

What is chop immune to?

It is worth mentioning that it has been confirmed that the Cursed Dual Katana cannot bypass Chop Fruit’s sword immunity. Through tests conducted on max-level players, it has been demonstrated that the Chop Fruit is not affected by any of the Cursed Dual Katana’s moves.

Chop Fruit Awakening in Blox Fruits

However, it’s important to note that not all fruits in the game have an advanced stage known as “Awakening.” As of the current game updates, the Chop fruit is one of the fruits that does not possess an Awakening form. This means that while players can enjoy the basic abilities it confers, they should not expect an enhanced mode or additional powers that come with an Awakening. Players looking for fruits with an Awakening should consider other options available in the vast world of Blox Fruits.

Is Chop Fruit Better than Bomb Fruit in Blox Fruits?

In Blox Fruits, whether one fruit is better than another can depend on a variety of factors, including the player’s style of combat, the specific situation, and personal preference. The choice between the Chop and Bomb fruits may come down to whether a player prefers the defensive and elusive abilities of the Chop fruit or the offensive and area damage capabilities of the Bomb fruit. For PvP (Player versus Player), some might favor Chop for its evasive maneuvers, while for farming or dealing with many enemies, Bomb might be preferred for its AoE damage.

Chop Fruit Tier List

In conclusion, the Chop Fruit in Blox Fruits is a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal. Its uniqueness lies in its immunity to swords, offering players essential resistance against sword attacks. However, its utility extends beyond defense, providing players with unique offensive tactics and strategic versatility. Despite its limitations, the Chop Fruit remains a valuable resource in Blox Fruits, and its usefulness persists throughout the game.