Pipe in Blox Fruits



In the diverse world of Blox Fruits, some weapons stand out for their uniqueness and power, and the Pipe sword is a perfect example. This rare sword, despite being a broken fragment of a ship, has become a viable choice for players due to its unique design and impressive gameplay features.

Name Type Rarity Price Location
Pipe Tube Rare $100,000 Sword Dealer

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Pipe Sword

Abilities Key Mastery Showcase Description
Rage Combo 1 The user quickly charges a short distance in the direction of their cursor. Upon making contact with an enemy, they perform a rapid series of strikes with the pipe before knocking them away.
Earth Smash 50 The user forcefully strikes the ground with the pipe, creating a brief trail of rocks that shoot in the direction of their cursor. These rocks deal damage to enemies and launch them into the air upon impact.

How to Obtain the Pipe Sword in Blox Fruits

The Pipe can be purchased for $100,000 from the Sword Dealer of the East, located in the Frozen Village in the First Sea. Although it may seem like a high price for a piece of broken pipe, its performance in the game justifies its value. The Pipe is a peculiar sword in terms of construction. It is nothing more than a metal pipe with an attached elbow joint at one end, but its simplicity is part of its charm. When equipped, the sword is carried on the user’s back, providing an intriguing and distinctive aesthetic.

Upgrading the Pipe Sword in Blox Fruits

Like other weapons in Blox Fruits, the Pipe sword can be upgraded. Players can speak to the Blacksmith to perform the upgrade, enhancing the sword’s effectiveness in battle and allowing it to keep up with the challenges players encounter as they progress in the game.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Fish Tail 12 Scrap Metal 10 +25% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Pipe Sword in Blox Fruits

Decent damage Does not interrupt Instinct ability
Effective in PvP Slow melee attacks
Low mastery requirements [Z] Rage Combo: Very limited range, only affects a single target
[Z] Rage Combo offers quick mobility [X] Earth Smash: Not recommended for farming
[X] Earth Smash: Effective for farming, affects multiple enemies [X] Earth Smash: Short range, does not work in the air

Guide to the Pipe Sword: Learning on Your Own

Since its introduction in the game’s first update, the Pipe sword has stood out as one of the few blunt weapons available. Alongside the Jitte and Pole (1st Form), it offers an intriguing choice for players seeking an alternative to traditional bladed weapons. Despite its deceptively simple appearance, the Pipe sword in Blox Fruits is a weapon to be reckoned with, capable of competing with more sophisticated swords in terms of performance.