Shark Anchor in Blox Fruits

Shark Anchor

Shark_Anchor Blox Fruits

Discover the Shark Anchor, a legendary sword introduced in Blox Fruits Update 20. This weapon is not only powerful but also a key piece in the arsenal of any player.

Name Type Rarity Obtainment
Shark Anchor Sword Legendary Defeat Anchor Terrorshark with Monster Magnet

How to Obtain the Shark Anchor in Blox Fruits?

To obtain the formidable Shark Anchor in Blox Fruits, prepare for an exhilarating maritime challenge. You must seek and defeat the mighty Anchor Terrorshark, utilizing the essential Monster Magnet. This legendary enemy surfaces in sea danger levels 2 to 6. Stay alert for signals from the Magnet, which will alert you with a special message when an abnormal Terrorshark is near. This epic hunt tests your combat skills while plunging you into an action-packed adventure full of strategy and thrill.

Upgrading the Shark Anchor

Elevate the power of your Shark Anchor to new heights by consulting the blacksmith in Blox Fruits. To enhance this legendary sword, you’ll need a unique combination of materials: 10 Fish Tails, 5 Mystic Droplets, and 50 Scrap Metal. Upon providing these elements, you’ll boost the Shark Anchor’s damage by an impressive 7%. This upgrade not only strengthens your weapon but also reflects your dedication and effort in forging a truly formidable combat tool.

Moveset and Abilities of the Shark Anchor

Movement Mastery Key Showcase Description
Typhoon Toss 150
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The user rapidly rotates the anchor with a chain, shooting a fast water shark towards the direction of the mouse. Upon collision, a water tornado is formed and explodes, launching enemies upwards. This attack grows larger if the user charges the skill.
Armor Breaker 350
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The user dashes forward, performing an uppercut with the sword. Enemies hit are dragged along and slammed down, creating an anchor symbol on the ground. Effective against large targets like Sea Beasts, ships, Terrorsharks, and transformed Buddha/Mammoth users.

Pros and Cons of the Shark Anchor

Pros of Shark Anchor Cons of Shark Anchor
High Damage Output: Ideal for dealing significant damage in battles. High Mastery Requirement: Requires extensive gameplay to unlock and master all abilities.
Area of Effect (AoE) Abilities: Effective in engaging multiple enemies at once. Learning Curve: New players may find it challenging to use effectively at first.
Typhoon Toss: Unique ability that breaks opponent’s Instinct, adding a tactical edge. Resource Intensive: Upgrading the sword requires rare and valuable in-game materials.
Large Area Effect: Increases the impact radius, enhancing crowd control.
Short Cooldown Periods: Allows for rapid successive use of abilities in combat.

Shark Anchor damage and statistics

Explore the powerful moveset of the Shark Anchor in Blox Fruits, showcasing its incredible damage potential. Analyzing the weapon at full capacity – no accessories, fully activated Body Aura, 2550 Sword Stats, and 600 Mastery with a Grade 1 enhancement reveals its prowess:

Move Damage
M1 (Click) – 4 Attack Pattern Avg 2980 (Hits: 2948, 2948, 2948, 3076)
[Z] Typhoon Toss 5240
[Z] Typhoon Toss (Held) 6358
[X] Armor Breaker 5204

The Shark Anchor’s moveset offers a blend of high damage and tactical versatility. Its basic attack (M1 Click) follows a four-hit pattern with an average damage of 2980, making it reliable for consistent damage output. The ‘[Z] Typhoon Toss’ and its held variation pack a more substantial punch, dealing 5240 and 6358 damage respectively, showcasing the weapon’s heightened power when fully charged. Finally, the ‘[X] Armor Breaker’ is a formidable move, inflicting 5204 damage, ideal for breaking through defenses and taking down tough opponents. Mastery of these moves is crucial for players aiming to maximize the Shark Anchor’s potential in the dynamic combat scenarios of Blox Fruits.