Update 24 Blox Fruits

The eagerly anticipated Update 24 for Blox Fruits is on the horizon, and the community is buzzing with excitement. While the exact release date remains unknown, we have gathered some intriguing information and potential leaks that offer a glimpse into what this major update might bring. Remember, this information is not yet confirmed and could change as the update approaches.

Update 24 Blox Fruits

What is the Blox Fruits Update 24?

Update 24 for Blox Fruits promises to bring significant enhancements and new features to the game. From fighting style reworks to new subclasses and map updates, this update is shaping up to be one of the most expansive yet.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Rework

The Dragon fruit rework is one of the most anticipated changes in Update 24. This rework includes several new abilities and transformations that aim to enhance gameplay significantly. The Dragon Fruit, revered as the king of fruits, is poised for a monumental comeback, sparking anticipation and curiosity among the community. Currently marked ‘In Progress’, it teases its evolution behind the scenes, promising enhancements that will redefine its legendary status.

Dragon Fruit Blox Fruits

Key Changes:

  • Price Increase: The price for the permanent Dragon is rumored to increase to 5,000 Robux.
  • New Skills:
    • Heatwave Cannon (Z Skill)
    • Scorching Downfall (C Skill)
    • Imperial Evolution (V Skill)

Dragon Rework Details:

Skill Description
Heatwave Cannon (Z) A powerful ranged attack with a fiery explosion.
Scorching Downfall (C) A devastating area-of-effect attack that rains fire upon enemies.
Imperial Evolution (V) A transformation skill that enhances the dragon’s abilities.

Transformation and Hybrid Forms:

Leaks suggest new transformation forms, potentially including a hybrid form that balances offense and defense.

New Fighting Style

Divine Fighting Style

A new fighting style called Divine Art is expected to be introduced. This fighting style promises unique and powerful moves that could change the meta.

Divine Fighting Style.


  • Fool’s Demise (Z Skill): A teleport grab move that offers high mobility.
  • Judgment of the Pitiful (X Skill): A beam attack that stuns enemies.
  • Timeless Misery (C Skill): Freezes enemies in place before dealing damage.

Divine Fighting Style Skills:

Skill Description
Fool’s Demise (Z) Teleport grab move for high mobility.
Judgment of the Pitiful (X) Beam attack that stuns enemies.
Timeless Misery (C) Freezes enemies before dealing damage.

Map and UI Reworks

Several key locations in the First and Second Sea are expected to undergo significant reworks. These updates aim to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and gameplay functionality of these areas.

Expected Map Reworks:

  • First Sea: Pirate Village, Middletown
  • Second Sea: Kingdom of Rose, Factory

Second Sea

UI Enhancements:

New user interfaces are expected to improve the overall player experience.

Map Reworks:

Location Sea Description
Pirate Village First Sea Enhanced visual and functional updates.
Middletown First Sea Improved aesthetics and gameplay elements.
Kingdom of Rose Second Sea Significant rework to enhance player experience.
Factory Second Sea Updated to improve gameplay mechanics and visuals.

UI Enhancements:

Feature Description
Code Redemption New UI for easier code redemption.
Event Rewards Updated UI for clearer event rewards.
Player Profiles Enhanced profile UI with more features.
New Fighting Style

New Subclasses

A Helmsman subclass is expected to be introduced, allowing players to steer ships with increased speed and maneuverability.

Subclass Blox Fruits

Helmsman Subclass:

  • Speed and Maneuverability: Increases ship speed and improves turning capabilities.
  • Mini-Games: Special mini-games will offer buffs and boosts to ships.

Helmsman Subclass Details:

Feature Description
Speed Boost Increases the ship’s speed significantly.
Turning Boost Enhances the ship’s turning capabilities.
Mini-Games Offers buffs and boosts through in-game mini-games.

Puzzles and Quests

A new series of puzzles will add depth to the gameplay, requiring players to complete various tasks across different seas.

puzzle in Blox Fruits

Puzzle Mechanics:

  • Complex Tasks: Players will need to complete various tasks across different seas.
  • Significant Rewards: Completing the puzzles may unlock new abilities or items, possibly including the Divine Fighting Style.

Puzzle Dialogue Examples:

Step Description
1 Drop five unique fruits in the fiery lake at Hot and Cold Island.
2 Embrace the sacrifice to release their power.
3 Find a floating island in the Roaring sea.
4 Search under the burning sand for a hidden treasure.
5 Defeat a beast in the wild waters of the Third Sea.
6 Solve a puzzle on Mirage Island.
7 Align four stones to change night to day.
8 Honor a crew’s legacy on a memorial island.
9 Return to the prehistoric island for a final test of faith.

Anticipated Release Date

While the release date for Update 24 is still unconfirmed, it could arrive within the next few months. Historically, Blox Fruits updates tend to be released around significant holidays, so a July 4th release is a possibility.

Blox Fruits Update 24 is shaping up to be an exciting and transformative update for the game. With reworks to popular fruits, new fighting styles, enhanced maps and UIs, and the introduction of new subclasses, players have much to look forward to. Keep an eye out for official announcements as we get closer to the release date, and prepare for an incredible new chapter in the Blox Fruits adventure!