Subclasses in Blox Fruits

Subclasses in Blox Fruits are specialized roles that players can adopt to gain unique abilities and benefits. Introduced in Update 23 Part 1, these subclasses are learned by talking to specific NPC teachers scattered throughout the game. While only one subclass is available currently, the Shipwright, it is anticipated that more subclasses will be introduced in future updates, particularly in Update 23 Part 2.

Mechanics of Subclasses

Subclasses are designed to be both challenging and rewarding, requiring players to complete specific tasks and quests to unlock and level them up. Here is a detailed overview of how subclasses work in Blox Fruits:

Mechanic Description
Subclass Availability Currently, only the Shipwright subclass is available. More subclasses are expected to be added in future updates, particularly in Update 23 Part 2.
Teacher NPCs Subclasses are learned from specific NPCs, known as Subclass Teachers, located throughout the game.
Initial Quest To unlock a subclass, players must complete a quest given by the Subclass Teacher. These quests typically involve defeating specific enemies or completing certain tasks.
Purchase Requirement After completing the initial quest, players can purchase the subclass using in-game currency such as Fragments or other resources.
Leveling Up Subclasses can be leveled up by completing additional tasks and quests related to the subclass. Progressing through levels unlocks new abilities and enhancements.
Progress Saving Subclass quest progress saves even if the player leaves the game or dies, ensuring that players do not lose their progress and can continue at their own pace.

How to Obtain Subclasses

To obtain a subclass, players must follow these steps:

Step Description
Locate Subclass Teacher Find the NPC teacher specific to the subclass you want to learn. These teachers are scattered throughout the game world.
Complete Initial Quest The Subclass Teacher will give you a quest that must be completed to unlock the subclass. This may involve defeating enemies or completing specific tasks.
Purchase the Subclass After completing the quest, you can purchase the subclass from the teacher NPC. The cost is usually in Fragments or other in-game resources.

Leveling Up Subclasses

Once you have obtained a subclass, leveling it up involves completing tasks and quests associated with that subclass. Players must gather specific resources, defeat certain enemies, and perform specific actions or missions that contribute to subclass experience. As players progress, they unlock new abilities and enhancements, making their characters more powerful and versatile. This progression not only increases the player’s effectiveness in various game scenarios but also provides a sense of achievement and growth.


Subclasses in Blox Fruits add an exciting dimension to the game, allowing players to specialize and enhance their characters in unique ways. With the current availability of the Shipwright subclass and the promise of more to come, players have much to look forward to as they explore the possibilities these new roles offer. Stay tuned for future updates that will expand the subclass system and introduce even more ways to enjoy Blox Fruits.