Valor in Blox Fruits

In the world of Blox Fruits, a dynamic and ever-evolving game, the introduction of new elements always adds a layer of excitement and strategy. One of the latest additions to the game is a new currency called Valor. This guide aims to delve into what Valor is, how to obtain it, and its current uses within the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer looking to maximize your gameplay, understanding Valor is crucial for advancing in Blox Fruits.

Valor Coin_Blox_Fruits

What is Valor in Blox Fruits

Valor is a type of currency introduced in Blox Fruits on December 25, 2023. It is one of the three primary currencies in the game, alongside Money and Fragments. Unlike the other two currencies, Valor is specifically used in the Third Sea and has a unique purpose. It is essential for progressing the Shipwright Subclass, a critical aspect for players aiming to enhance their maritime capabilities.

This currency is significantly more challenging to acquire than Money or Fragments. It is dropped in smaller amounts and by fewer sources, reflecting its higher value and the specialized role it plays. Despite the difficulty in obtaining it, the costs associated with Valor are generally lower than those of other currencies, balancing the game’s economy.

How to Get Valor in Blox Fruits

Obtaining Valor requires participating in various Sea Events, each offering different amounts of this precious currency. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how much Valor you can get from each event:

Sea Event Valor Obtained
Piranha 75 Valor
Shark 100 Valor
Ship Raid 167 Valor per ship
Haunted Ship Raid 200 Valor
Sea Beast 350 Valor
Ghost Ship Raid 600 Valor
Terrorshark 1,000 Valor
Leviathan 2,200 Valor

Participating in these events can be challenging, and some may require a group of players to complete successfully. For example, the Ghost Ship Raid is best tackled with at least three players due to the high difficulty level.

Valor Uses Right Now at Blox Fruits

Currently, Valor is used exclusively with the Shipwright Teacher in the Third Sea. This teacher helps players progress through the Shipwright Subclass, which involves several upgrades and abilities that can be unlocked using Valor. The maximum amount of Valor a player can hold is 5,000. To check your current amount of Valor, you need to talk to the Shipwright Teacher.

Valor is a vital currency in Blox Fruits, particularly for players focusing on maritime adventures and the Shipwright Subclass. Its challenging obtainment process makes it a valuable resource, but with strategic participation in Sea Events, players can accumulate the necessary Valor to unlock powerful abilities. Keep an eye on your Valor balance and make sure to engage in the most rewarding Sea Events to maximize your progress in the game.