Choppa in Blox Fruit



In the vast universe of Blox Fruits, players have the opportunity to explore an exciting world full of dangers and challenges. Among the various fighting styles available, the Choppa style stands out as a powerful and coveted option. In this article, you will delve into everything you need to know about the Choppa style in Blox Fruits. From its acquisition to its features and combat tactics, we will unveil the secrets behind this formidable accessory.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source Drop Chance
Choppa Accessory Rare +3% Blox Fruit Damage
15% Blox Fruit attack cooldown reduction
+10% Defense against Blox Fruit attacks
Sea Beast 25%

Discover the Pros, Cons, and Combos of the Choppa Style in Blox Fruits

  • Good for both players using Blox Fruits and facing them.
  • Has the highest cooldown reduction along with the Zebra Cap accessory.
  • Not compatible for players using Swords and Pistols.
  • Does not increase health, energy, or movement speed.

Acquiring the Choppa

The Choppa Hat is a rare accessory that can be obtained with a 25% chance after defeating a Sea Beast. These giant creatures have the possibility of appearing while traveling by ship in the Second and Third Seas. To find a Sea Beast, you must venture into the oceans and be prepared to face a formidable enemy. Acquiring the Choppa requires courage and skill in battle, but those who obtain it will be rewarded with a unique and powerful fighting style.

Description and Features of the Choppa

The Choppa is a red hat adorned with hanging buckles. It has a crown of white dots encircling a circle on top of a beige-colored hat with a crescent moon symbol. Additionally, the hat features deer antlers protruding on both sides. When equipped, the Choppa sits atop the player’s head, adding a distinctive touch to their in-game appearance.

Combos and Strategies of the Choppa Style

To make the most of the Choppa style, it is important to know some effective combos and strategies. A popular tactic is to combine quick dodging movements with precise and rapid attacks to confuse the opponent and avoid being hit. The agility of the Choppa allows for swift close-range strikes and then quickly retreating before the enemy can counter.
In summary, the Choppa style in Blox Fruits offers players an agile and fast-paced combat experience. Its acquisition requires facing the formidable Sea Beasts, but those who manage to obtain it will be rewarded with a unique and powerful fighting style. Take advantage of the agility and speed of the Choppa to perform swift combos and evade enemy attacks. Don’t miss the opportunity to master this fighting style and achieve victory in Blox Fruits!