Holy Crown in Blox Fruit

Holy Crown

In the infinite galaxy of Blox Fruits, there are legendary accessories that play a vital role in the game’s storyline, and one of the most prominent is the Holy Crown. This article focuses on providing a detailed insight into the Holy Crown, a legendary add-on with mystical abilities that can alter the course of the game.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source Drop Chance
Holy Crown Accessory Legendary +500 Energy
+500 Health
+5% Damage
+5% Defense against attacks
+5% energy regeneration
Soul Reaper 100%

Pros and Cons of Equipping the Holy Crown in Blox Fruits

  • Provides a significant increase in health, energy, and defense.
  • Allows for faster energy regeneration.
  • Difficult to obtain.
  • Does not increase movement speed, and its damage increase is comparatively low.

The Holy Crown is a round blue and white hat with a cross on top, giving its wearer a majestic appearance. It is placed on the user’s head and is known for its impressive buffs that greatly benefit its owners in battle.

How to get the Holy Crown

Located in the Third Sea, the Holy Crown can only be obtained after defeating the Soul Reaper boss and dealing at least 10% damage to it. The Soul Reaper, a feared and respected boss, appears when a Hallow Essence is placed in the Haunted Castle’s fountain.

As for how to obtain this Hallow Essence, it can be a somewhat challenging task. It can be obtained with a 2.5% chance after purchasing a Random Surprise from the Death King with 50 Bones or with a low chance after praying at the Gravestone.

The Death King is found in the mausoleum near the cemetery filled with Reborn Skeletons, a spooky location that adds more intrigue to the quest for the Holy Crown. It is necessary to note that being well-prepared before facing the Soul Reaper is essential, as it is a formidable enemy.

What makes the Holy Crown so coveted are the buffs it grants. These include an 8% increase in damage on any attack, an 8% increase in defense against any attack, a 5% increased energy regeneration, as well as providing 500 Energy and 500 Health. These bonuses give the player a significant advantage in battles, enhancing both their offense and defense and allowing them to endure longer in combat.

The path to the Holy Crown is a challenging and exciting adventure, filled with dangers and rewards. However, the efforts are worth it when this legendary accessory is acquired. With its power and status, the Holy Crown can change the course of the game for its wearer and establish their dominance in the Blox Fruits universe.

In summary, the Holy Crown is an accessory that embodies the essence of legendary in Blox Fruits. With its impressive set of buffs and its unique method of acquisition, it is sure to continue being an essential item in the game’s storyline. So, if you find yourself in the Third Sea, don’t miss the opportunity to challenge the Soul Reaper and claim your Holy Crown.