Tomoe Ring in Blox Fruits

Tomoe Ring


Blox Fruits is a game that has captivated fans with its unique blend of action and strategy. An essential component of this game is accessories, which enhance your abilities and allow you to fight enemies more effectively. In this article, we will focus on the Tomoe Ring, a rare accessory that offers several advantages to players.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source Cost To Buy
Tomoe Ring Accessory Rare +10% Blox Fruit Damage Yoshi 500,000$

Advantages, Disadvantages, and Effective Combinations of the Tomoe Ring in Blox Fruits

  • Good for beginners using fruits.
  • Does not increase health or energy.
  • Does not increase movement speed.
  • The accessory is considerably more expensive compared to other similar accessories.
  • Does not enhance other types of damage or defense.

Get the Tomoe Ring

The Tomoe Ring is a rare accessory that can be purchased from Yoshi, located on the second island (where Sky Warriors reside) of Skylands in the First Sea. This accessory stands out for its unique design: a gray ring with four drums attached to it, each with a cream-colored drumhead depicting three yin and yang symbols. When worn, it is inserted into the player’s back.
To purchase this ring, you will need 500,000$ and require to have 200 in Melee Stats. Yoshi, the ring vendor, is located at the top of the church situated on the second island of Skylands.

Benefits of the Tomoe Ring

The benefits of having the Tomoe Ring in your inventory are extensive. Primarily, this accessory enhances your melee abilities, allowing you to engage your enemies more effectively. Additionally, its unique design adds a distinctive touch to your character, allowing you to stand out on the battlefield.

Maximizing the Use of the Tomoe Ring

To make the most of the Tomoe Ring, you need to have a well-thought-out strategy. Firstly, ensure that you have enough funds and the necessary stats to purchase this accessory. It is also important to remember Yoshi’s location, so you can buy the ring when needed.
Once you have the Tomoe Ring, it is essential to use it effectively during battles. Since this accessory enhances your melee abilities, you should make the most of this benefit. Don’t hesitate to get into the action and engage your enemies in close-quarters combat.