Mirror Fractal in Blox Fruits

In the expansive universe of Blox Fruits, there exists a constellation of materials and elements that enhance players’ abilities and strategies. One of these is the mythical Mirror Fractal, a key piece to awaken your Races to V4. In this article, we will explore this mysterious material and its importance in the gameplay dynamics of Blox Fruits.

Steps to Use It:

Step Action
1 Spawn Mirage Island.
2 Find the highest mountain.
3 Stand on the mountain and look at the moon for a few seconds.
4 Use your sprint ability.
5 If done correctly, the moon will start to shine, and a message will appear saying “Your <Mirror Fractal> has resonated with the moon”.
6 Find the Blue Gear.
7 If you don’t find the Blue Gear, your progress will be saved for the next time you return to Mirage Island.
8 Participate in the trials at the Temple of Time to awaken your race to V4.

The Enigma of the Mirror Fractal: Discovery and Appearance

The Mirror Fractal, as its name suggests, is a piece of glass with a fascinating appearance. It presents a spectrum of white and gray colors, shining with a unique radiance that highlights its importance. This material is as rare as it is powerful, with its acquisition reserved for those who have defeated a formidable adversary, the Dough King.

Defying the Dough King: Obtaining the Mirror Fractal

Defeating the Dough King guarantees a 100% chance of obtaining the Mirror Fractal, a valuable reward that reinforces the victory. However, this piece of glass is not just a trophy but the key that unlocks the next level of evolution for your Races: version V4.

Awakening Races to V4: How to Use the Mirror Fractal

Awakening your Races to V4 with the Mirror Fractal is a specific procedure that requires certain conditions. Previously, it was necessary to wait for the Full Moon to use your Mirror Fractal, but the rules of the game have changed. Now, you only need nighttime, making the wait less arduous and providing more opportunities to carry out the awakening.

Myths and Realities: Does the Mirror Fractal Have Other Uses in Blox Fruits

Another advantage of the Mirror Fractal is that it is not consumed during the awakening process. This means you can keep it in your inventory after using it, a rare feature among materials in Blox Fruits.

The Impact of the Mirror Fractal on Blox Fruits’ Strategy and Progress

However, there is an important aspect to consider when using your Mirror Fractal: The resonating moon must take place only during the nighttime. For more strategic players, there is an option to generate Mirage Island before nighttime arrives.
While looking at the moon, try entering Shift-Lock mode or first-person view. The third-person view may not register sometimes and may take some time to work correctly. This little trick can make a difference between a successful evolution and a failed one.

Although the Mirror Fractal may seem to have potential for other uses, its only current function in Blox Fruits is to awaken your race to version V4. It is a powerful and mysterious tool that plays a central role in the enhancement and evolution of your characters.

In conclusion, the Mirror Fractal in Blox Fruits is a mythical material that not only adds a layer of depth to gameplay strategy but also paves the way for the evolution of your Races to V4. Its acquisition, use, and conservation are a testament to the careful design and ever-evolving narrative of the world of Blox Fruits. Whether you are a novice player or a veteran, the quest for the Mirror Fractal will be an exciting adventure that brings you one step closer to unlocking your character’s true potential.