Money in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, money (often denoted by the $ icon) is a crucial currency used for purchasing a wide range of items, including Fighting Styles, Swords, Guns, Blox Fruits, Accessories, Abilities, and Raid Chips. This guide provides comprehensive methods for earning money efficiently, whether you’re in the First Sea, Second Sea, or Third Sea.


Overview of Money in Blox Fruits

Money is one of the three primary currencies in Blox Fruits, alongside Fragments and Valor. While it is relatively easy to obtain compared to other currencies, the amounts required for purchases are significantly higher.

Methods of Obtaining Money

Money can be earned through various activities within the game. Here are the primary methods:

Method Description
Defeating NPCs Earn money by defeating non-player characters.
Defeating Bosses Bosses drop larger amounts of money upon defeat.
Completing Quests Quests often provide substantial monetary rewards.
Collecting Chests Chests scattered throughout the game contain varying amounts of money.
Participating in Raids Earn money by killing enemies during raids.
Defeating Players Defeat players from Player Hunter’s quests or Elite Pirates from Elite Hunter’s quests.
Defeating YouTubers Defeat a YouTuber in good standing with Blox Fruits to earn money.
Completing Sea Events Participate in sea events for additional monetary rewards.
Purchasing with Robux Buy money directly with Robux (not recommended).
Being Gifted Money Receive money as a gift from other players.
Using 2x Money Gamepass Double the money earned from all methods except collecting chests.

Detailed Methods for Earning Money

Defeating NPCs and Bosses

  1. Server-Hopping for Bosses:
    • Bosses respawn regularly in public servers. Server-hopping allows you to defeat multiple bosses quickly.
    • Use private servers for more control over boss respawns.
  2. Grinding Sea Beasts:
    • Sea Beasts spawn in the Second and Third Seas. Defeating them yields significant money, especially with the 2x Money Gamepass.

Completing Quests

  • Daily and Main Quests: Regularly complete quests as they offer consistent monetary rewards.
  • High-Level Quests: Focus on higher-level quests in the Second and Third Seas for better rewards.

Collecting Chests

  • Optimal Locations: Some areas have a high density of chests. Here are a few recommended spots:
    Location Description
    Second Skylands Numerous chests behind a breakable wall in the temple area.
    Forgotten Island High concentration of chests spread across the island.
    Haunted Castle Several chests scattered throughout the castle.
  • Chest Respawn Exploit: In private servers, use the /shutdown command to reset the server and respawn chests. Collect them repeatedly for efficient money farming.

Participating in Raids and Sea Events

  1. Raids:
    • Participate in raids and defeat enemies to earn money and fragments.
    • Form teams to complete raids more efficiently.
  2. Sea Events:
    • Participate in events like Rumbling Waters to defeat multiple Sea Beasts at once.
    • Sea Beasts from these events provide substantial monetary rewards.

Using Private Servers

  • Server Reset: Use /shutdown in private servers to reset and respawn chests and Sea Beasts.
  • Spawn Points: Set your spawn point near high-density chest areas for quick collection.

Tips for Efficient Money Farming

  • Server-Hopping: Switch between servers to find and defeat bosses quickly.
  • Chest Routes: Memorize chest locations and follow a route to collect them efficiently.
  • Sea Beasts: Focus on Sea Beast farming in the Second and Third Seas for maximum money.

Maximum Money Limit

  • The maximum amount of money a player can hold is $1,000,000,000.

Utilizing Gamepasses

  • 2x Money Gamepass: This pass doubles the money earned from all methods except collecting chests. Ideal for players looking to maximize their earnings quickly.


Money in Blox Fruits is essential for progressing through the game and obtaining powerful items. By utilizing the methods outlined in this guide, you can efficiently farm money and enhance your gameplay experience. Remember to take advantage of server-hopping, private servers, and strategic chest routes to maximize your earnings. Happy grinding!