Light Fruit in Blox Fruits


The universe of Blox Fruits has become exponentially popular among Roblox players, providing a blend of action, adventure, and role-playing in a highly interactive platform. Within its rich ecosystem, the Light Fruit has achieved legendary status for its versatility and power. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of this fruit, you’ve come to the right place.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Light Rare Elemental 650,000$ 1100

What does Light Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Abilities & Attacks

Name Key


Description Mastery
Light Beam
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Emits a fast and precise light beam that has an adequate area of impact in the direction pointed by the cursor. 1
Light Barrage
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Instantly transports the player to an elevated position and subsequently launches approximately 15 tiny rays of light that explode upon impact in an area near the user’s cursor. By holding down the aforementioned shortcut key, more projectiles will be sent. This move nullifies the Instinct ability. 40
Reflex Kick
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Generates a sequence of mirrors that reflect light rays between them, allowing the user to teleport to a location situated above where the cursor was. The user then emits a downward light beam, causing a powerful explosion in the area below them (area of effect). 80
Heavenly Ray Barrage
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The player crouches and emits an intense emanation of light from the palm of their hand towards the ground. This triggers the appearance of multiple lightning bolts falling from the sky and causing explosions upon impact. A circle is formed when activating this move, indicating the area where these explosions occur. 110
Gleaming Flight
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The player transforms into a radiant emblem of light and moves at an extraordinary speed. There is no manual control over the flight direction, but it can change direction upon colliding with objects such as walls, floors, or enemies. The travel speed is determined by the percentage of remaining player health. For example, if you have 70% health remaining, your speed will be 70%. 10

Light Fruit V2 Awakening & Stats

Key V2



Mastery V2
Divine Arrow
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The player summons a radiant bow and an arrow composed of highly pressurized light. The arrow has an effective stun effect upon piercing impact but not in a wide area. Additionally, it has a real hitbox, meaning it can pass through opponents. However, if used in a wide area, its effect dissipates. The bow can be maintained for three shots that deal damage in a wide area. The longer the arrow is held, the greater the damage inflicted. 1
Emperor’s Hand
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The player emits a radiant glow in their right hand, which can be manipulated and directed. If aimed accurately, it has the power to stun the target and deal considerable damage while the ability is active. This move has the ability to be sustained and prolonged, allowing for consecutive multiple hits. 40
Speed of Light Destructor
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The player rushes towards the desired target. It delivers consecutive kicks to the target and then slams it into the ground. 80
Wrath of God
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The player summons a massive barrage of light rays falling from the air and creating explosions upon impact, in a radius shown by a circle that appears when activating the move. (AdE, instinct breaker.) 110
Glistening Flight
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The player transforms into light and flies extremely fast, a little faster than v1. Unlike V1, this move can change direction mid-flight, but maneuverability is poor due to its agile nature. 10


Light Fruit Showcase

Here you can see the Light Fruit Showcase with all the skills and abilities:

How to Get the Light Fruit in Blox Fruits? Cost, Value & Rarity

The Light Fruit, classified as a Rare & an Elemental-type fruit, is one of the most prized gems in the world of Blox Fruits. Its value is reflected in its cost of $650,000 or 1,100 Robux at the Blox Fruit Dealer. Additionally, it can also be obtained through Blox Fruit Gacha or found under trees.

Is Light a good fruit in Blox Fruit?

Great destructive power Limited to only two instinct-breaking moves
With a wide range of action Difficult to hit opponents when they are in the air.
Fastest aerial trajectory As the player’s remaining health decreases relative to their total health, the speed of Light Flight/Gleaming Flight decreases.
The combination of Light Blade and the condition of being an Elemental makes it one of the most efficient approaches for crushing, comparable in effectiveness to the Magma ability. In its unawakened form, Light Flight lacks the ability to modify its flight direction.
Especially beneficial for fruit mains, as the destructive power of Light Spear is influenced by the fruit’s statistics. The C move of Light V2 is designed to affect a single target, meaning it will not damage other targets while used for grinding.
Causes tremendous area damage to multiple targets. X Move “Hand Of Emperor” has a final delay, putting you at a disadvantage in PvP.
It is an outstanding choice for efficiently farming enemies.
It is exceptionally effective in player versus player (PvP) combat.
Possesses extraordinary combined potential.
It is one of the most devastating fruits once its power is awakened.
Light Flight is a useful ability for evading bounty hunters or opponents in player versus player (PvP) combat, allowing for effective escape.
The Z attack of Light V2 has the ability to triple the damage dealt to a target when the arrows fired while maintaining the move are in close proximity to the target. Although this is challenging to achieve in player versus player (PvP) combat, it is quite effective against NPCs and bosses.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Light Fruit

This exceptional fruit is widely recognized as one of the best for “grinding” thanks to its AoE moves, considerable damage, manageable mastery requirements, and impressive M1. But that’s not all; its flight is the fastest in the game, providing an unmatched advantage, especially when you’re in the First Sea.
If your forte is PvP combat, the Light Fruit can be your secret weapon. With good aim, it becomes a potent asset for PvP. However, it is not as effective in the Second Sea and Third Sea due to high elemental requirements and the presence of Aura NPCs.

Changes and Updates to the Light Fruit

Speaking of updates, the Light Spear underwent a revamp in version 17.3.5. Previously, Light Blade was a separate element, but now it is linked to the fruit. On the other hand, the F move of Light V1 cannot be controlled like other flight moves, given the unalterable nature of light in reality.

You should remember that, when activating Aura, the light spear turns black, but it does not change its damage, speed, etc. In comparison, Light V2 deals more damage than Quake V2. Additionally, the Divine Arrow is a spell-based on an angel spell from Elemental Battlegrounds, developed by the same team behind Blox Fruits.

What fruit is better than light in blox fruit?

When players search for what fruit is better than Light in Blox Fruits, they’re typically looking for alternatives that offer superior combat abilities, faster grinding potential, or better utility in player-versus-player (PvP) scenarios. The Dragon Fruit and Phoenix Fruit are often recommended as superior due to their powerful abilities and versatility in various game modes. The Dragon Fruit provides immense power and AoE damage, making it a formidable choice for both grinding and PvP. The Phoenix Fruit is celebrated for its healing capabilities, which add a significant advantage in prolonged battles.

What’s the best race for light fruit?

Players seeking the best race for Light Fruit in Blox Fruits are looking to optimize their character build. The Mink race is widely recommended for users of the Light Fruit due to its passive speed boost, which complements the Light Fruit’s already impressive speed, enhancing movement and evasion tactics. The synergy between the Mink race’s agility and the Light Fruit’s abilities creates a formidable combination for any player specializing in quick, high-damage strikes.

Light Fruit Spawn Locations

Gamers looking up Light Fruit spawn locations want to know where they can find this sought-after fruit in the game. Light Fruits, like all Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits, spawn randomly throughout the world. They can appear under trees, on beaches, or within towns and forts. For a better chance of acquiring a Light Fruit, players should explore known Devil Fruit spawn points and check the Blox Fruits Dealer, who offers a random selection of fruits for purchase. Keeping an eye on the in-game announcement for the spawn of a Devil Fruit can also lead players to a potential Light Fruit find.

Light Fruit Tier

In conclusion, the Light Fruit is a solid choice for players seeking versatility and power in Blox Fruits. With proper usage and mastery, it can be an invaluable weapon for grinding and PvP combat. Remember, mastering it depends on your commitment and skills within the game. Good luck on your adventure!