Port Town in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits

The expansive universe of Blox Fruits features an endless array of attractive islands, each with its own characteristics and surprises. Port Town, the first island in the Third Sea, is one of those gems that is worth exploring.

Port Town

Where is Port Town in Blox Fruits?

Port Town is the initial island in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits. Serving as the gateway to the Third Sea adventures, it is the first destination for players entering this new sea. The island features docks that act as the main entrance, leading players into a cityscape populated by a variety of NPCs and enemies. Port Town’s setting, with its urban environment and challenging characters, makes it a significant and inviting location for players to explore.

What level do you leave Port Town in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Port Town when they reach levels between 1500 and 1575. The island’s challenges, including missions against the Pirate Millionaire and Pistol Billionaire, as well as the formidable boss Stone, are tailored for players within this level range. Port Town’s role as the first stop in the Third Sea ensures that players have ample opportunities to develop their abilities and prepare for the more advanced and complex challenges that lie ahead in their Blox Fruits journey.

NPCs of Port Town

Below you can see all the NPCs of Port Town:

Set Spawn NPC
Luxury Boat Dealers (2)
Boat Dealers (2)
Blox Fruit Dealer
Experienced Captain

Missions and Enemies of Port Town

Below, we show you all the enemies and missions of Port Town:

Name Required Level Description Reward Image
Pirate Millionaire 1500 Defeat 8 Pirate Millionaires (Elemental intangibility at level 1552) $13,000 and 53,000,000 Exp. Pirate Millionaire
Pistol Billionaire 1525 Defeat 8 Pistol Billionaires (Elemental intangibility at level 1579) $15,000 and 55,500,000 Exp. Pistol Billionaire
Stone 1550 Defeat Stone $25,000 and 60,000,000 Exp. Stone

The Path to Port Town: The First Step into the Third Sea

Port Town is not just another island in Blox Fruits. It is the stage where players of level 1500 to 1575 can evolve and further develop their abilities. Upon entering the Third Sea, players are teleported to the island’s docks, which act as the main entrance to this intriguing destination.

Life in the City: Pirate Millionaire and Pistol Billionaire

Beyond the docks and past the ramps lies the main city of Port Town. Here, players can encounter the Pirate Millionaire and Pistol Billionaire, two prominent characters that contribute to the island’s unique atmosphere.

The Boss Hunt: Stone, the Leader of Port Town

At the back of the island, where the mountains are located, there are stairs along with a trail that leads to the east of the island. Here is where players can find Stone, the boss of Port Town. This showdown is essential for the players’ progression in the game.

Port Town: A Place of Musical Notes and Mysterious Fruits

Port Town is not only known for its environment and characters. It is also recognized for its distinctive music, ‘Curious Mind’ by Stuart Roslyn, which adds a melodic touch to players’ adventures. Additionally, the ‘Pineapple’ fruit, required to complete the Hungry Man quest, can be found near the Pistol Billionaires. But be careful, if you die during your stay in Port Town, you will lose the ‘Pineapple’.
In summary, Port Town in Blox Fruits is much more than just a simple island. With its rich history, intriguing characters, and the exciting hunt for Stone, it is an unmissable experience for any Blox Fruits player looking to venture into the Third Sea. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this fascinating island.