Bizarre Rifle in Blox Fruit

Bizarre Rifle (Bizarre Rifle)
Bizarre Rifle

In the exciting world of Blox Fruits, there are many different weapons to choose from. However, one of the most powerful and appealing is undoubtedly the Bizarre Rifle. Known for its extremely high damage and its ability to keep enemies on fire for a long period of time, the Bizarre Rifle is a solid choice for any serious Blox Fruits player.

Name Type Rarity Source Cost To Buy
Bizarre Rifle Weapon Rare El Rodolfo 25 Ectoplasm

Stats and Unique Features of the Bizarre Rifle in Blox Fruits

Key Name Description Mastery GIF
Heat-seeking Shot The user shoots a blue ball that targets the enemy. The blue ball will seek out the enemy if they are close enough. Upon impact, the blue ball explodes and stuns the enemy for a very short period of time (approximately 0.3 seconds). This move does not break Instinct. 150
Hellfire Shower The user shoots a burst of four shots similar to the burning effect of the Awakened Flame but much stronger and dark blue in color. The flames break Instinct. 300

Advantages and Challenges of Using the Bizarre Rifle in Blox Fruits

  • Very high damage.
  • Deals the highest damage among all firearms (with all burn damage applied).
  • Good for farming.
  • No recoil.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Materials are easy to obtain for upgrading.
  • Decent for PVP.

[Z] Heat-seeking Shot

  • Automatically targets and seeks the enemy.
  • Stuns for a very short period of time (approximately 0.3 seconds).
  • Can hit multiple enemies.

[X] Hellfire Shower

  • Leaves flames that can cause additional damage and break Instinct.
  • Large area of effect.
  • Moves for multiple targets.
  • Rabbit/Ghoul races can easily dodge the abilities unless you have a combo.
  • Rubber is not affected, as with all firearms.
  • High mastery requirements.

[Z] Heat-seeking Shot

  • Does not break Instinct.
  • Stun duration is very short.

[X] Hellfire Shower

  • Not good for aerial fights.

How to get the Bizarre Rifle

Are you looking to obtain the coveted Bizarre Rifle in Blox Fruits? Look no further; here’s a quick and efficient guide to obtaining this powerful weapon. Just follow these simple steps:

Collect 25 ectoplasms: Make sure you have this amount in your inventory before continuing.
Find El Rodolfo in the Enchanted Ship: Located in Second Sea, El Rodolfo is the merchant who will sell you the Bizarro Rifle.
Level 1,000+ requirement: Make sure you are at least level 1,000 before heading to El Rodolfo to buy the rifle.

Characteristics of the Bizarre Rifle

The Bizarre Rifle is a true wonder of weaponry. It has the honor of dealing the highest damage among all weapons if the enemy remains on fire. This uniqueness makes the Bizarre Rifle a strategic choice for players looking to maximize their damage potential on the battlefield.

The true power of the Bizarre Rifle is unleashed when a player manages to keep their enemy within the range of fire for as long as possible. This can be achieved through a combination of skill, precision, and choosing the right complementary fighting styles. The use of fighting styles that include stunning moves after using the Bizarre Rifle’s X attack is especially effective. Fighting styles like Dark or Ice are particularly recommended, as they ensure the enemy stays on fire and receives maximum damage.

The effectiveness of the Bizarre Rifle in Blox Fruits lies not only in its ability to inflict large amounts of damage but also in its versatility. Unlike other weapons that solely focus on direct damage, the Bizarre Rifle offers players the opportunity to inflict continuous damage over time. This unique ability makes the Bizarre Rifle a strategic choice for players looking to maximize their impact in battle.

However, like all weapons, the Bizarre Rifle has its challenges. Players must master the art of keeping enemies on fire for as long as possible. This may require practice and patience, but players who manage to master this technique will be rewarded with incredible firepower.

In conclusion, the Bizarre Rifle is a powerful and versatile choice for Blox Fruits players. It offers unparalleled damage potential and a unique opportunity to inflict damage over time. While it requires skill and strategy to use effectively, players who take the time to master the Bizarre Rifle will find it to be a valuable addition to their arsenal. For Blox Fruits players looking to take their game to the next level, the Bizarre Rifle is undoubtedly an option to consider.