Ectoplasm in Blox Fruit

Join us on an immersive journey into the mysterious and challenging universe of Blox Fruits, where each adventure is a new opportunity to explore and grow. In our dive today, we will focus on the intriguing “Ectoplasm“, a rare material with diverse uses ranging from purchasing items to enhancing weapons. Keep reading and discover all the secrets that Ectoplasm has to offer!


How to Obtain Ectoplasm

Name Location
Ship Deckhand Cursed Ship
Ship Engineer Cursed Ship
Ship Steward Cursed Ship
Ship Officer Cursed Ship
Cursed Captain Cursed Ship



  • Midnight Blade Ectoplasm 40 Scrap Metal 15


  • Ghoul Ectoplasm 100 + Hellfire Torch
  • Bizarre Rifle Ectoplasm 25
  • Ghoul Mask Ectoplasm 50
  • Midnight Blade Ectoplasm 100

Ectoplasm, that elusive spectral substance, is much more than a mere material in the world of Blox Fruits. This rare resource is highly sought after by players as it can be used as a form of currency to purchase a variety of things, greatly expanding its utility and value.
How to obtain Ectoplasm? Well, hunting for this material involves facing challenging adversaries. The Ship Deckhand, Ship Engineer, Ship Steward, Ship Officer, and Cursed Captain are the providers of this precious substance. Defeating these enemies not only provides you with the satisfaction of overcoming your foes but also rewards you with the coveted Ectoplasm.

But the usefulness of Ectoplasm doesn’t stop at simply buying items. This rare material also plays a crucial role in enhancing weapons, allowing you to increase the effectiveness of your arsenal and gain an advantage in future battles. With each enhancement, you can notice how your skills are empowered, how your power grows, all thanks to the invaluable Ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm also plays a vital role in crafting, specifically in the creation of the impressive Soul Guitar. This musical instrument is not only a desirable aesthetic item but also plays an important role in battle, providing notable benefits to its possessor.

In conclusion, Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits is a true hidden gem. Its versatility makes it an invaluable resource in your journey through the universe of Blox Fruits. Obtaining it requires skill and determination, but the benefits are unquestionable. Whether it’s for weapon enhancements, crafting the Soul Guitar, or acquiring various items, Ectoplasm presents itself as a universal currency of progress and power. So, whether you’re facing challenging enemies or investing in enhancements and crafting, always remember the importance of this rare material. Happy adventures and good luck in your search for Ectoplasm!