Control Fruit in Blox Fruits


Control Fruit Blox Fruits

n the cutthroat world of Blox Fruits, where power and agility dictate survival, the Control Fruit emerges as a beacon of dominance, intriguing players with its sophisticated gameplay and tactical prowess.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Control Mythical Nature 3,200,000$ 2500

What Does Control Fruit Do? Abilities, Moves & Powers

Name Key


Description Mastery
Control Area
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The Control Fruit allows its bearers to exert a gravitational force, drawing in adversaries and objects alike, setting the stage for devastating combos. 1
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At the initial mastery level, the user can manifest a sphere of control, manipulating anything within its bounds to bend to their will. 1
Echo Knife
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With a simple command, the wielder can summon a barrage of meteors, each strike resonating with the power of the Control Fruit. 150
Gamma Rush
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Achieved at 100 mastery, this skill enables the user to immobilize foes within their grasp, rendering them helpless against subsequent attacks. 350
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At mastery level 200, the user can tear open a rift in space, allowing for instantaneous travel within their domain of influence. 250

Control Fruit Showcase

Is Control fruit good in Blox fruits?

In the dynamic world of Blox Fruits, the Control Fruit shines as a pillar of power. It endows players with a tactical edge, unparalleled in controlling enemies and orchestrating the battlefield. For those who master its complexities, it offers a substantial competitive advantage.

Is Control getting a rework in Blox fruits?

Speculation abounds about a rework for the Control Fruit. Players are on the lookout for updates that may refine its capabilities or introduce new powers, enhancing its already formidable presence in the game.

Is control fruit better than magma?

The debate between Control and Magma is a clash of strategy versus raw power. While Magma brings sheer destructive force, Control offers nuanced gameplay, allowing for more strategic manipulation of foes. The choice hinges on player preference for brute strength or tactical control.

Can control be awakened in blox fruits?

The potential for awakening the Control Fruit is a topic of hot discussion. An awakened state could unlock even more profound command over the battlefield, but as of now, players are eagerly waiting for any official announcements regarding such advancements.

Strategic Application and Mastery Guidance

  • Skillful Mastery: The Control Fruit demands precision and strategic foresight, making it a challenging yet rewarding choice for seasoned players.
  • Tactical Positioning: Employ the Sphere of Influence to control the battlefield, dictating the flow of combat and trapping opponents within your domain.
  • Exposure During Skill Activation: While powerful, initiating your domain exposes you to counterattacks. Positioning and timing are key.
  • Anticipatory Combat: The true strength of the Control Fruit lies in predicting enemy movements, allowing for the Meteor Shower to strike with devastating accuracy.
  • Scaling Potency: The effectiveness of each technique scales with the user’s mastery level, rewarding dedication and consistent use of the Control Fruit.
  • Cooldown Management: The Blackout skill has a moderate cooldown, which can be optimized with the right equipment and abilities for more frequent utilization.
  • Adaptive Counterplay: The Control Fruit’s Wormhole and Meteor Shower are excellent for breaking enemy defenses and serve as versatile tools for various combat scenarios.

Challenges and Mastery Prerequisites

  • Elevated Mastery Requirement: The Control Fruit requires a high level of mastery, akin to the most formidable fruits in Blox Fruits, necessitating a player’s unwavering commitment.
  • Domain Restrictions: The user’s abilities are confined to their domain, necessitating careful management of the battlefield.
  • Aiming Precision: Mastering the Control Fruit’s full potential requires accurate aim and timing, with some abilities leaving the user momentarily vulnerable.

How to get Control fruit in Blox Fruits?

Acquiring the Control Fruit is a feat that requires both luck and resources. Players can procure it through in-game currency or Robux, keeping an eye on the stock within the game’s fruit dealer or hoping for a fortunate encounter in their adventures.

What does the Control fruit look like in Blox Fruits?

The Control Fruit boasts distinctive visuals, marked by a dark aura and captivating gravitational effects. Its appearance is as impactful as its in-game utility, making it a sought-after item for both its power and aesthetic.

What Is Control Worth in Blox Fruits Trading

In the bustling economy of Blox Fruits, the Control Fruit’s worth is substantial, reflecting its mythical status and the tactical advantage it provides. Its rarity and power make it a high-value item for trading, sought after by players aiming to enhance their prowess.

Is Control Better Than Light Blox Fruits

Control and Light fruits both offer unique benefits. While Light is known for its speed and agility, Control is prized for its strategic depth. The choice between them depends on whether a player values the swift dominance of Light or the calculated mastery of Control.

Further Observations

  • Pending Enhancements: The Control Fruit is anticipated to receive updates, potentially introducing new abilities and enhancing existing ones.
  • Distinctive Visuals: The Control Fruit is recognized for its unique visual effects, including its signature dark aura and gravitational animations, underscoring its power.

The Control Fruit in Blox Fruits stands as a symbol of tactical complexity and player skill. Its unique abilities, when mastered and executed with precision, can dominate adversaries and establish a player’s supremacy within the Blox Fruits universe.