Canvander in Blox Fruits



The Canvander Sword in Blox Fruits is not your common weapon choice. It is a sword filled with energy and elegance, dispersing petals as you wield it. This legendary sword has an unmatched charm and an air of mystery that fascinates many players.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Canvander Sword Legendary Beautiful Pirate 5%

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Canvander Sword

Movement Mastery Showcase Description
Z-Key Swift Dash 150 The user swiftly dashes in the direction of their cursor, swiftly cutting through enemies in their path. This attack deals damage and releases a burst of purple and white flower petals, creating a visually stunning effect.
X-Key Floral Assault 300 The user propels themselves forward, causing a scattering of purple and white flowers in the air. At the same time, they unleash a burst of five powerful purple air slashes in the direction of their cursor. If these slashes connect with an enemy, both the enemy and the user’s screen are briefly covered in a purple tint.

How to Obtain the Canvander Sword in Blox Fruits?

Obtaining the Canvander Sword is no small feat. This sword can be acquired with a 5% drop chance after defeating the Beautiful Pirate, who is located in the Beautiful Pirate Domain, accessed through a pair of doors in the center of the Floating Turtle in the Third Sea.
The Canvander Sword is a rapier-type sword whose scabbard and handle exhibit a pattern of black and white vertical stripes. The golden hilt is adorned with several rings, adding a touch of elegance. When equipped, the sword is carried on the left side of the user’s hip, highlighting its uniqueness.

Upgrading the Canvander Sword in Blox Fruits

The Canvander Sword can be upgraded by speaking to the Blacksmith, similar to other swords in Blox Fruits. By upgrading it, players can increase its power and effectiveness, aiding them in their adventures.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Dragon Scale x6, Leather x20 +10% Damage

Changes and Updates of the Canvander Sword

The Canvander Sword was introduced in update 15 of the game. It has several unique features, such as the ability to be used by the “friendly” NPC summoned by the Love V ability, Besto Friendo, who uses the entire moveset of this sword. Additionally, the sword bears a resemblance and nearly identical properties to the Shisui. Despite its elegance and power, the Canvander Sword is also associated with a curious glitch that allows players to “fly” in thin air.

Guide to the Canvander Sword: Learning by Yourself

In conclusion, the Canvander Sword in Blox Fruits is a unique weapon that stands out for its elegance and unique abilities. Players who choose the Canvander Sword will find that it adds a new dimension to their gaming experience, providing a combat style full of elegance and visually stunning elements with its scattering of petals. Undoubtedly, the Canvander Sword is a sword that every Blox Fruits player should experience.