Barrier Fruit in Blox Fruits


The exciting and adventurous dynamics of the popular online game Blox Fruits attract players of all ages and skills. One of the most intriguing and tactical aspects of the game is the use of various “Blox fruits,” each with unique abilities that add an exciting twist to the gameplay. Among these fruits, the Barrier is a powerful and versatile choice that has the potential to radically change the course of your game.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Barrier Rare Natural $800,000 1250

What Does Barrier Fruit Do? Abilities, Moves & Powers

Name Key


Description Mastery
Barrier Wall
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Utilizing their skills, the player propels a moderately-sized rectangular barrier forward, simultaneously causing harm to adversaries and effectively shielding against select incoming attacks. 1
Surprise Attack
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The player swiftly teleports to their cursor’s location and forcefully impacts the ground, unleashing a potent area-of-effect (AoE) attack with substantial damage. It’s worth noting that using this ability inside a building can result in erratic behavior due to teleportation out of the structure, causing potential glitches. 45
Barrier Prison
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The player launches a spherical projectile that can be manipulated using their mouse, ensnaring and damaging opponents. While executing this move, the player becomes impervious to interruptions and invulnerable. If the player intentionally propels an opponent towards a wall, there is a possibility that they will collide with it, resulting in additional area-of-effect (AoE) damage, although this outcome is not guaranteed. It’s important to highlight that this move can also be employed to drag or propel opponents into bodies of water. 90
Barrier Towers
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The player conjures five imposing barrier towers in their vicinity, which subsequently crash into the ground, delivering substantial damage. Additionally, this powerful move has the capability to bury opponents, effectively trapping them within the ground. 130
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By channeling your energy, you invoke an ever-expanding staircase that extends in the direction your character is facing. The staircase continues to ascend until your stamina is depleted or you release the activation key, consuming approximately 1 unit of energy per step created. This maneuver not only aids in aerial mobility by enabling the resetting of the Air Jump without making contact with the ground but also has the potential for strategic use, as it was previously utilized in the now-patched Rabbit V3 Glitch. For additional information on glitches, please refer to the Glitches section. 10

How to Get the Barrier Fruit in Blox Fruits? Free Fruit?

The Barrier Fruit is a Natural-type Blox fruit, considered a powerful weapon and strategic tool for players. It is available at the Blox fruit dealer for $800,000 or 1250 Robux, the in-game currency. Its availability in the game is somewhat limited, with an 8% chance of being available for purchase and a 7.8% chance of appearing in the game.




It is quite effective for area control and engaging in battles It is not recommended to use Barrier to grind non-player characters (NPCs), except for bosses.
It is especially useful for performing quick attacks and then quickly retreating from the enemy. Barrier C / Barrier Prison is not effective against opponents who have a variety of mobility moves, as they can consistently dodge it.
It is exceptional for playing with the opponent’s mind and causing frustration. The Barrier Z / Barrier Wall move can be used as stable ground in case the enemy tries to take advantage of it.
It provides solid defense against ranged attacks. Barrier’s mobility is not particularly good in terms of horizontal movement.
Non-player characters (NPCs) cannot reach you from behind the protection barrier, except for those who possess the Air Slash ability with a Katana. Some Barrier moves leave you exposed to being attacked while using them, although you can use the X move to counteract it.
The mastery requirements are relatively low to use this ability. Barrier X / Surprise Attack is not suitable in confined spaces.
The Z move can be used as a defensive response similar to Gravity’s Z move, acting as an effective counter. Barrier moves are slow compared to others.
The X move can be used as an unrestricted escape maneuver. The Barrier V move does not work within the volcano.
It is effective for protecting against bounty hunters and successfully defending against them.
Aiming accurately when performing the V move is not too complicated.
You can use your C move to drag a fruit user into the water or sea.
The move can be ineffective against opponents who are grounded.
By using the F move, you can reset the jump in the air, allowing Barrier users to move faster, even through water or sea.
It has great combined potential when used alongside other weapons that have special properties, such as blindness or stun.
It works exceptionally well in crowded areas.
The C move can be used to trap an NPC and slam it into another.
The Z move, when hitting an NPC directly from above, can leave it defenseless and manipulable like a ragdoll puppet.

Barrier Fruit Showcase Abilities & Stats

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Barrier Fruit

The Barrier fruit offers two main moves: Barrier C and Barrier X. In the case of Barrier C, simply aim upwards to launch your enemy into the air. On the other hand, if you use Barrier X and look upwards using Superhuman C, you can launch your opponents skyward, leaving them disoriented for a while as they return to the ground. An interesting detail is that the V move can be used to hit a non-solid waterfall in Skylands, although this may not have an apparent purpose, it adds an additional twist to the game.

The true value of the Barrier fruit unfolds during raids. Its ability to create temporary barriers can be a valuable tool, especially when collaborating with other players. By using the barrier wall, you can hinder NPCs or bosses, allowing your friends to land combined hits, which can tip the scales in your favor. This ability of the Barrier fruit has led some players to use it for trolling, creating barriers to block other players and change the flow of the game.

Is the Barrier Fruit a Good Fruit?

When diving into the world of Blox Fruits, each fruit’s efficacy can vary based on the scenario and player strategy. While the Barrier Fruit may not top the list for sheer power, it holds its own with unique abilities. Its tactical advantage lies in controlling the battlefield and thwarting enemy attacks, rather than outright offense. Hence, while it may not be universally acknowledged as the best fruit, its value is undeniable in the hands of a clever player who knows how to leverage its strategic benefits.

Comparing Barrier and Light Fruits: Which One Triumphs?

In the Blox Fruits realm, the Light Fruit often outshines others with its speed and agility. The Barrier Fruit, known for its defensive prowess, may not compete with the Light Fruit’s offensive capabilities and swift maneuvers. Players seeking rapid assaults might find the Light Fruit superior. However, for those who prefer a more measured and protective approach, the Barrier Fruit’s strategic depth could be appealing, despite it not being the prime choice for aggressive combat.

The Rarity Scale of Blox Fruits: Is the Barrier Fruit Among the Legends?

The Barrier Fruit, while rare and valuable, doesn’t quite reach the legendary status within Blox Fruits. It stands out with its rare classification, offering a solid strategic toolkit for players. Its abilities allow for inventive gameplay, but it doesn’t possess the legendary aura of some of the most sought-after fruits in the game. Its power and versatility make it a noteworthy choice, albeit not legendary.

Changes and Updates to the Barrier Fruit

It is important to remember that, despite its relative rarity and high cost, investing in the Barrier fruit can be worthwhile for those players seeking to add an element of strategy and control to their gameplay. Make sure to consider your options and game strategies before making the purchase. Remember, in Blox Fruits, every decision counts and can make a significant difference in your gameplay journey. The Barrier fruit is an intriguing choice that offers you control, strategy, and the ability to troll your adversaries, making your gaming experience truly unique.

It may take some time to master its usage, but once you become familiar with the Barrier fruit’s abilities, you’ll be able to alter the course of the game and put your opponents at a disadvantage. Furthermore, by understanding its function and features, you can combine its abilities with your gameplay style, thereby optimizing your opportunities for success.

Guide to the Barrier Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Barrier fruit is more than just an item in Blox Fruits; it is a strategic tool with great potential. Without a doubt, it is a game-changer that can make you a formidable opponent. From the decent start it provides, through its potential to stall opponents, to its role as a means to troll players, the Barrier fruit is an essential component in your Blox Fruits arsenal.

In summary, the Barrier fruit in Blox Fruits brings a level of tactical and strategic depth that can change the course of your gameplay. From its use in trolling other players to its ability to launch enemies into the air and control the battlefield, the Barrier fruit is a solid choice for players looking to go beyond and become true masters of the game.

If you’re ready to add a strategic twist to your Blox Fruits experience, seriously consider acquiring the Barrier fruit. Its versatility and ability to change the flow of the game make it a valuable choice for every player, from beginner to veteran. So go ahead and experience the power of the Barrier in your next Blox Fruits game!